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Re: ALDI - can anyone give opinions?

I used to go to Aldi all of the time. I am vegan so I can't attest to their meat. I did used to buy Tilapia there and it was great. (I was vegetarian, ate fish and seafood for years.) I also used to love their cheeses. I saw on here that someone did not like them. I only got "real" cheese there and none of the processed stuff but I thought that it was good. I also really used to like their 12 grain bread.

I think that the crackers (fake wheat thins and triscuits) are great. The spaghetti sauce is awesome...the frozen garlic bread is pretty good too. When I drank soda I liked their grape, orange and black cherry. (I don't drink soda anymore and I never did drink any cheap cola.)

I only bought/buy milk without hormones so I have not bought my milk there.


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Re: ALDI - can anyone give opinions?

We went and did our first big shop at Aldi the other day, paid about $68 and got a LOT of stuff - our biggest spend usually is meat, so we end up limiting ourselves when we go to any other stores (usually Walmart or Buy For Less) but we got tons of stuff - pork chops, a huge pack of beef mince, chicken breasts and ribs - we used some mince to make burgers, will use the rest for lasagne & spaghetti bolognaise...had the pork chops last night/leftovers for breakfast this morning....will have chicken tomorrow as we're having pasta from there tonight - we're pretty impressed...usually we come out of Walmart with like 2 1/2 meals, having spent a similar amount!!

The only problem we had was finding decent fresh vegetables and fruit - some of it was okay, but the onion packages contained moulding or sprouting onions for example... We ended up getting a couple of things fresh and then got some frozen packs which are actually really nice!!

Hubby is very fussy with his milk, but both of us commented that it's absolutely just as good as the stuff we normally buy, only $1 cheaper!! We didn't risk bottled water because hubby is even more fussy about his water but I might convince him to try next time, because we get through a lot of water...

Overall, we were very impressed... We're hoping to spend a little less next time, as we stocked up on regular pantry items (eg tinned tomatoes, beans etc) and pretty much just picked up a load of stuff to try, to see if it really was just as good, or if there was anything worth avoiding in Aldi and getting from a different store.

I'd definitely recommend trying it out for a big shop - there are also a few blogs where people have written up meal plans/shopping lists using Aldi as their store if you do a quick google... We'll be going back there next time!

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Re: ALDI - can anyone give opinions?

I LOVE Aldi! I do the majority of my shopping there and have for the better part of 10 years. I like nearly everything that they sell there. You can't beat the prices on the produce specials. I've only purchased meat there a couple of times when it's marked down and it was just fine. Oh, and I found 3 veggie only stir-fry mixes the other day. They're great!

I remember, as a kid, I used to be embarrassed to go there with my grandma. If only she could see me now.
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Re: ALDI - can anyone give opinions?

We don't like:
There were a lot of green chips in our bags of potato chips.
Canned black olives were mushy.
Cereal smelled like a cigarrette (I guess it was burnt)
Hubby doesn't like the cheese- shredded, stick, or american.
We do like:
Milk, eggs, creamer, whip cream, tortilla chips, apple juice, peanut butter, active bars, egg rolls, lunch meat in tubs, produce, canned items, flour tortillas, frozen broc & cauliflour and bottle water.
I heard that there kitchen garbage bags are really good. I want to pick some up when we are out of our Glad ones.
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Re: ALDI - can anyone give opinions?

Our ALDI's has has awesome everything except MEAT, it is NASTY!
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Re: ALDI - can anyone give opinions?

I've rediscovered Aldi recently. We used to shop there when our grocery budget for the month was $75. We where fed, even if we didn't like the food, lol.
It is much better than it used to be. I honestly think they've changed recipes on almost all of their products. Even the milk taste better. The stores are cleaner and better organized. I haven't been brave enough to try the meat or produce, 'cause that used to be horrible, but given the responses here I'll have to give it a try. Since starting to go back, there isn't anything we haven't liked. Their FitnActive stuff is actually pretty good, even the frozen dinners. Oh, if you see the frozen salmon fillets I highly recommend those. They broiled up really tasty and I didn't even season them, yum.
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Re: ALDI - can anyone give opinions?

I just bought some awesome chunky strawberry applesauce from there, DELISH and no added sugars! I don't care for their buns (hot dog/hamburger) or their dishwashing detergent though. Milk is a good option
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Re: ALDI - can anyone give opinions?

LOVE LOVE LOVE Aldi! We do about 75% of our shopping there. We buy a lot of dry/canned goods, and some produce and meat. I don't like their bananas or apples, but their avocados, cucumbers and peppers are really good (avocados are usually not ripe, I just put them in a paper bag for a day or two and the're perfect). In general, the meat and produce are really good quality, but I do think they buy some things local so it depends on your area. You really can't beat their prices, and I think their quality is great. They also have really good dark chocolate bars now.
My DH likes their mac 'n cheese better than any other brand - and I think it's only $0.33 a box? Personally, I like the sliced and shredded cheese (Happy Farms) - I really don't taste any difference between that and, say, Kraft cheese.
Wish I could do all my shopping at Aldi's, but there are some things I have to go elsewhere for.
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Re: ALDI - can anyone give opinions?

We love Aldi's! We go every week sometimes every other week and end up spending around $100. At Wal-mart that would be more like $180-200. Our store has great produce. We buy the bags of chicken breast in the freezer section and get the rest of our meat at our local store, they have a big package deal there. Sometimes things aren't to fresh, like potatoes and onions but it isn't very often. If you are on a budget then they are a great place to shop.

Oh and the hams there are really good!!! And you can get shredded cheese and sliced cheese cheaper at Wal-Mart.
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Re: ALDI - can anyone give opinions?

I always buy fresh mozzarella for DD, it is a lot cheaper there. And there is a red pepper hummus that I am addicted to for 1.80 and all natural ingrediants. Their frozen fish is a great deal too, I think I get salmon for about 3.50 for 1 lb.
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