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Re: Hospital births & cord clamping

Oh and to add about the cord clamping and not on the chest thing (which my dr does not put on the chest Thank goodness!! Blood and goop is not my friend) my dr explaned that its like siphoning gas. If you have the baby up high, then not getting blood, if you hold the baby too low, the blood rushes in too fast. So he has to lay the baby flat! I'm cool with that!


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Re: Hospital births & cord clamping

I completely feel for you in your situation of not being able to trust the hospital staff to respect your wishes!! That was how I felt with my first delivery, it is so discouraging!! Definitely get your husband on board to help you stand up for what you want. I think having a doula or just someone else there who is on your side would be a big help too!

I have just recently been hearing about delayed clamping of the cord as well, it is sooooo scary to read about some of the possible side effects! It makes me feel guilty for not knowing about this with DD. It is so hard, we research so much on how to make the best choices for ourselves and babies, and still miss important facts and information! I'm so glad I've atleast found these threads on here to help me with such important issues that the health providers are not informing us on!!

Best of luck with this mama, stand up for what YOU want!!
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Re: Hospital births & cord clamping

Originally Posted by tbowers8403 View Post
Who is giving you crap about having a hospital birth? Nothing is wrong with it and even though I think birthing centers and home births are wonderful for those who choose it - at least your in an enviroment where if something goes wrong it can be tended to immediatly.
People who have had home births Usually the ones who had no complications and whose bodies actually work the way they are supposed to...unlike mine...
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Re: Hospital births & cord clamping

I am pg with my second and I share many of your concerns. I feel much more informed this time around, and often find myself feeling bad over some of the decisions I made with respect to DS' birth. It was certainly a great experience, I just feel that I would have done things differently and been more forceful about my wishes had I known.

I too am a "hospital birthing" kind of person. I am fascinated by the idea of having a peaceful homebirth, but I feel that for myself the hospital is the best place to be. Knowing what I know this time, I am having the exact same feelings as you...I am worrying that hospital protocol will take over and my wishes, although voiced, will not be respected (or worse, that I won't even be given an option).

I recently discovered a birth preparation program called Hypnobabies and, although I have yet to actually start the 5-week home study course, I have done tons of reading on it over the last little while. One thing I have learned is that worrying and stressing out about how your birth will go is definitely not healthy in terms of preparing for the birth you want. It's very hard, I know, but I would highly recommend looking into Hypnobabies to see if it could be beneficial to you. It transforms the way you think about pregnancy and childbirth, re-training your mind to accept the process as a completely natural event which is calming, relaxing and pain-free. They combine that ideal with self-administered hypnosis (basically just a state of relaxation and focus) to produce a very comfortable birthing experience. I know for me it will definitely help with letting go of many of my fears regarding my birth wishes and help me to relax as much as possible.

Reading the information about the cord clamping, I find it so surprising and sad that hospitals, which are supposed to be institutions with the foremost knowledge on healthy birth practices, are in fact not adhering to those best practices that are well-documented as being safest for mom and baby. Why do moms have to fight their care providers just to do what is best for baby, when the action required takes minimal effort on the part of the staff? Why are moms suffering guilt over "letting" the hospital take over and perform protocols they wouldn't have otherwise allowed had they been more informed? I too am suffering from this; I had no idea of the benefits of delayed cord clamping and I am nervous about my hospital following my wishes this time around.

With respect to the "not holding baby above the mother's stomach following delivery in case blood flows backwards into the placenta", I now tend to look at things like this: Mother Nature/God designed the birth process a certain way, and it isn't flawed. It's not a mistake that a baby was made to come out naturally and be held closely by mom immediately after birth. Why then would there be such a flaw in the design that a baby would actually suffer because of that? The placenta and cord are designed to pump blood and nutrients into baby, and waste out...why would this change after delivery? I almost find it laughable that a doctor actually said that blood would flow backwards...seriously?
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