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Wool over PUL pockets???

Okay, I am currently using pockets at night with a mf and a hemp insert. Most of the time it works great - well it just depends and last night she woked up soaked... in our bed from head to toe. I have heard of people using wool over pockets with PUL and that sounded crazy to me.... but is that what you need to do with an all night nurser? I used fitteds during the day - I have a GoodMama and BG bamboos but the longest she can go in those during the day is 1.5 hours so I know they would never work for night time. do I need to use a different stuffer? I can't use 2 mf inserts because the diaper is so stuffed that it rides kind of low in the back and leaks.

What I currently have:
FB and BG pockets
4 Joey Bunz hemp stuffers
A ton of MF inserts
2 dozen pre-folds
1 Fleece and 1 Wool Swaddlebee's cover

Will any of these work together or do I need something else?


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Re: Wool over PUL pockets???

I've never done it overnight, but I've used pockets and AIOs under wool a LOT.
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Re: Wool over PUL pockets???

I think the wool swaddlebees cover is pretty thin (I have a size medium) and wouldn't be too good for overnight, even over PUL. A wool soaker would be a better choice, but those are kind of pricey.

My all-night-nurser is nursing less now, maybe 1-2x most nights, and he's 11 months old. At the height of his nursing (3-4x/night), the best nighttime solution for us was fleece DryBees pocket stuffed w/HempBabies Bigger Weeds and two cotton doublers. Those fleece DBs are super-roomy and you can put a lot into them w/o overstuffing. However, they are bulky

If I were you, I'd try a hemp and MF insert inside a PF, then cover w/wool and fleece (if they'll fit). OR add a hemp insert to a GM (under the OBV doubler), then cover w/wool and fleece. Good luck
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Re: Wool over PUL pockets???

I've used wool over PUL at night. I've even used it over sposies when we've had to use them at night. It's so absorbent, it works over anything!!
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Re: Wool over PUL pockets???

Well ... I don't think wool over PUL is best -- wool is cool and breathable, but combining it with polyester might be counterproductive to baby's bum. But I feel you pain -- when DD was in FB's, I had a hemp doubler with her MF insert and still had to change her minimum twice each night. Then there was the great transition adventure ...
Generally on my nursing 6 mo DD, I have reasonable luck with a premium prefold with a hemp doubler and a wool soaker shortie (mine are Disanas) that has been uber lanolized and lightly felted. However, I asked a similar question and a lot of ladies advised heavier-duty soaker fabrics.
Try a hemp or bamboo prefold; or hunt for a pocket-fitted (a few retailers have Swaddlebees' organic velour or hemp pocket fitteds) and stuff it with a hemp or bamboo overnight solution. Then you max breathability and absorbency. Still, you need a heavier wool wrap. I use the SB wool wraps for daytime only! They're just too lightweight for nighttime.
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Re: Wool over PUL pockets???

I've done it a few times when we've run out of night diapers (oops ) I wouldn't do it on a regular basis--usually we use nighttime fitteds. (from megaroos designs--LOVE THEM!) But in a pinch, it's not a big deal. We use our Aristocrats over whatever we have to at night!
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Re: Wool over PUL pockets???

A mama gave me the advice to take my pocket and stuff it with a prefold wrapped in a microfiber kitchen towel. She said it is cheap and the micro fiber towel pulls the moisture while the prefold can hold tons of pee. I have heard of people wrapping a hemp insert with a prefold to stuff too. We are trying an extra insert in out night dipe tonight. If it doesnt work we are going to try the prefold with the towel before i go crazy with hemp insert buying. I am toying with buying an Aristorat and doing the same thing.
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Re: Wool over PUL pockets???

Our newest DS is still nursing all night long (3-4 times switching sides at least) and we have him in an organic cotton fitted, two cotton fleece doublers, and a thick wool wrap. We use wool for daytime, too, and always save the heavier ones for nighttime. That gets us from about 6pm to 6am without needing a change. The advantage to wool is that although it's not waterproof, it is highly water-resistant, and once it starts absorbing, it can hold a lot. So even going all night long, our wool wraps are only just a bit damp inside when I change him first thing in the morning. Occasionally, all of our wools are still damp at bedtime from being washed and I have to use a pocket diaper and we are almost guaranteed to get a small damp spot on our bed under the baby - he just pees that much.

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Re: Wool over PUL pockets???

My ds sleeps in a pocket stuffed with a Flip organic and 5-6 layers of bamboo. He wears a wool soaker every night as his pj bottoms. It just catches any leaks that might happen so I never have to worry that he will wake up wet. He doesn't seem to mind and sleeps through the night. He also wears wool over pockets in the day, just in case. He doesn't get any rashes from it.

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