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Re: When did your baby self wean?

My son will be three this September, and he's in the process of self-weaning. If I hadn't gotten pregnant I think he'd still be going strong, but I've got no milk supply left and nursing is painful so I started encouraging him to drop some of the "unnecessary" nursing sessions. After that, he starting cutting back on his own, learned to fall asleep without it, and now really has no desire to do it at all. He hasn't nursed in 2+ weeks, and I think this might really be the end for us. I'm a little sad, but mostly OK with it. It'll be nice to get a little break before the new baby comes and I'll be nursing round the clock again!


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Re: When did your baby self wean?

Originally Posted by musicalisa View Post
39 months, but it wasn't a true self-weaning. She was starting nursery school and I was definitely suggesting she stop. I was nervous she was going to talk about it to her new friends or teachers, though this time around, I don't think I'll be so skittish.
I had a similar anxiety--but that my LO would ask in public & I'd get looks from people. When DD2 was born, my Mom was visiting from the East Coast and heard DD1 ask for milk. The look on her face was half-horrified & half-disgusted. I nearly cried (AFTER telling her off.) Exactly what I feared.
I've since set some boundaries (not on school mornings--no time for 2 to nurse), usually it's 'all gone' if DD2 BFs on both sides. Pretty much just if we're lazing in bed on a weekend or something. She's 4 now, though and she'll ask every few days (she actually tells the baby to quit it & save her some.) DD2 is 1y and calls me MILK & signs MILK the second I walk in the door (even if I've just gone to the garage or bathroom.) I'm starting to wonder if they'll never wean.
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Re: When did your baby self wean?

My third child sorta self-weaned at almost 4 1/2. Her last nursing session she nursed for 10 mins and when I told her I needed her to stop, she said she didn't get any milk. I know there was plenty there (I'm nursing her younger brother still and he was only 8 months old at the time) but she "couldn't" get it out. I think she just had grown to the point that the reflex was gone. She wasn't good at nursing any more, iykwim. Anyway, I say she "sorta" self-weaned because I called that the end even though she wished she could keep going some. Mentally, she still wanted to, but physically she just couldn't.

Hope that makes sense. lol
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Re: When did your baby self wean?

At 2.5 we did gentle momma led weaning.
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Re: When did your baby self wean?

DS weaned at 32 months without any encouragement from me, but would have gone longer had the circumstances been different. We moved and I got pregnant right at the same time; the upheaval of moving put him on a nursing strike for a few weeks and my milk dried up extremely quickly due to pregnancy. By the time DS was asking to nurse again there was nothing left. He said he'd just nurse again when the baby came and the milk came back, but we ended up losing the pregnancy half way through. No baby, no milk.

I got pregnant again 5 months after losing the baby, but by that point DS had no interest in nursing when I asked if he'd want to, so I figure he'd have been done by 3.5 even if he'd kept nursing past 32 months.

DD is still going strong, nursing 5, 6, 7 or more times a day. I'm excited to get to tandem nurse her and the newest little one soon.
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