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Re: Teens Wanting to go on the pill??!!!

Originally Posted by crunch!910 View Post
Which is why I specifically stated I'd encourage her to use condoms 100% - ALL OF THE TIME, and then completely abstain during fertile periods. Moreso, I've always felt very strongly that you should never allow any sexual contact until both partners have been tested for STDs if they've had any sexual history at all.

I will never buy birth control for her, I will not supply her with condoms, but I will educate her. SHE can then choose to do the right thing and abstain until adulthood (or the moral thing and abstain until marriage), or she can make a mistake and have sex while in highschool, but hopefully not pay for it by at least abstaining during fertile times. But if she does have to pay for it, well, I suppose a baby would make her grow up right quick!

It always suprises me how people view teenage pregnancy to be sooo bad, but they don't view teenage sex to be bad. Babies don't come from now where. It isn't the baby, nor the pregnancy, that is the awful thing, it is the sex that creates the babies! I knew someone through the grapevine.. she's on her second baby in highschool and ws given absolute heck for being pregnant, but it was funny... the people giving her the heck and trouble were some of the most sexually active in the highschool, thinking it could NEVER happen to them just because they were on BC.
Sorry I just saw condoms while fertile.

In high school the pregnant girls weren't talked about because they had sex, they were talked about being they were viewed as dumb for not using protection. I don't agree with that view but that is what I saw when I was there 5 years ago.


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Re: Teens Wanting to go on the pill??!!!

Originally Posted by ajane View Post
Nope, just completely shocked at some of these responses! Although, I do like the posters that have stated that their parents readily gave them BC and let them do what they wanted.........they ended up having sex early (like 14 ) and all of these posters ended up regreting it. Hmmmmm.......

Sex is making love with an individual you feel deeply and compassionately about and vice give yourselves fully to each other and connect as one. I really don't think ANY middle school or high school kid is ready for that type of commitment at that young of an age.

Just want to speak for myself...but I don't regret losing my virginity at 14. The boy I did lose my virginity to, was somebody I loved deeply and passionately. We had a very strong connection. He turned out to be my best friend after we broke up. Many, many years later though, our friendship ended on a somewhat bitter note.

At any rate, our relationship ended, because we were just WAY to young to handle the emotional responsibility that came with the physical side of our relationship. Being that madly in love at 14 was overwhelming enough...add a passionately physical connection in there, and it just became too much.

With that said, I DON'T want my kids having sex at 14. It's too much responsibility. It adds a dynamic to a relationship that, IMO, requires maturity. I want my kids to focus on their education, and just being a kid/teenager.
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Re: Teens Wanting to go on the pill??!!!

Originally Posted by ajane View Post

I never said I expect my girls to wait until marriage.......they just don't need to be having sex in middle or high school. Believe me, I knew a lot of kids growing up and know about quite a few right now who had sex and there parents may "seem" like they were/are there for them, but they aren't. And, just b/c kids go to a private/christian high school does not exempt them from wanting to have sex. The ones that are most apt to do it early are the ones who parents put to much pressure on them, expect to much out of them, and THINK theyj're kids are doing everything right. They seem VERY interested in their kids, but not interested in their kids' interests. It really all boils down to being very open and having good communication with your kids. You have to know their friends and their friends' friends.
Well I can speak with 100% certainity the parents involved were truly for their kids. Had a very open relationship with them where they could tell them anything. I didn't have that even. Though i do know my parents cared and were trying to look out for my best interests. Oh and some of the parents knew before the child even had sex as they asked for BC just incase they wanted to. Others knew shortly after and others may not even know now.

Yes private school doesn't mean you won't want to. My point of putting that in was to show that kids of different type of schools, have loving, caring parents still had sex before out of HS. If I hadn't gotten out to get my GED I would have had sex while still in HS!

I am still friends with most of the kids.

I wasn't saying you were saying your children should wait for marriage, I used it because that is what we were taught.

Your going to do what you want to do and if you feel it is right for you then do it. I am just giving my experience.
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Re: Teens Wanting to go on the pill??!!!

Originally Posted by sbbeana View Post
I have to agree with this. My mother was VERY strict. I wasn't allowed to even talk on the phone with guys or go to school dances. Anyhow, when I was 14, I was able to get the birth control pill from my HS school clinic WITHOUT my mother's knowledge. I was also able to get condoms as well and so many other services relating to sexual health as well as general health. I started having sex at the age of 14. I'll be 27 in a few weeks and it wasn't until a few months ago when she was in TX visiting me when the subject of BC came up that I told her I was able to get it when I was still living with her. She was SHOCKED to say the least.
I went to planned parenthood and they didnt tell my parents a thing. So its not like its not out there for them to get it one way or another.

As for the comment about the age I lost mine at 15 and I do wish I would have waited but Im one who was on BCP plus I used a condom. I wasnt getting pg but also wasnt getting an STD. I want my girls to talk to me about sex, Im hoping they wait longer then I did but if they dont I want them to come to me first no matter what.
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