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Re: Here is my DH vent

Originally Posted by daddydiaperchanger View Post
Hey now I know this board is made up mostly of women. But saying that dads often break all the rules and we need moms to keep dads in check and what not are generalized statements. Now I know that I am one exception to that rule. I am the one with the strict diet, no processed junk, dyes, HFCS, BHT, fast food. I make my kids dinner nearly every night. Their mother on the other hand does just as the OPs SO. Fast food every night and if they dont have that then it is a kids cuisine or mac and cheese from a box.

Also, I am the one that has a strict schedule. Wake, school, lunch, nap, snack, play, dinner, bath and bed time. I get chastised when their mother calls and wants to talk to them and it is after 8pm or some other time when she knows their schedule. She one time sent me a picture of S3 on the floor asleep in Mc Donalds. Oh yea and I work. Now the days that I do work obviously I dont fix them lunch or make them nap. However I was lucky enough that the school mirrors my schedule pretty damn close to what I do.
WHOOHOOO!! Welcome Daddydiaperchanger! Its good to see dads on here too! You sound like my DH...with the exception of me being the one to feed them crap and break the DH is a SAHD who makes sure the boys eat a great diet and keep to their schedules...but just like we complain our DHs breaking the rules and making things difficult for us...I can say sorry your DW doesnt get it! lol...its not everyday you find 2 parents on the same page when it comes to a lot of this stuff...and yea...DH's get generalized here because many of our DHs dont do things the way we want them we vent here to eachother...please dont take it personally!

to the OP...WOW....I couldnt even say what would happen in my house...cause....we both agree when it comes to sugar and crap diets...sorry!


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Re: Here is my DH vent

Originally Posted by photomikey View Post
Dads are generally ignored and marginalized around here. Welcome to DiaperSwappers.
I have to disagree....
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Re: Here is my DH vent

Originally Posted by doodah View Post

photomikey: my DH is not ignored or marginalized. I have already posted another thread in trying to get my DH and I on the same team. I don't want him ignored as a part of our family and he will never be marginalized in my household. I have never met my bio dad and my stepdad sucked bad as a parent, I have not even spoken to him in probably five years. I completely realize how essential he is as a dad to our little girls. Yes we mamas vent but there are many times when we brag too. You comment was in very poor taste and I didn't appreciate it being part of my thread.
Hmmm, I think PP was talking to daddydiaperchanger because there aren't many dads on here, and I totally took it as a joke.

My husband doesn't always to things the way I would like, but I am glad that he is an involved dad that is willing to care for the kids. I know many dads that are not. He just doesn't know the exact schedule. And if he fed them junk food once in a blue moon, it's not going to hurt them. At least he fed them. There have been times where he has put them down for naps without feeding them lunch first because he forgets that lunch is BEFORE naps, that's kind of a problem, lol.

I do think it rude of your MIL to insist that you reason with your child when she is obviously tired and ready for bed. And of your DH for not realizing the same. Sometimes people just don't look at the big picture I guess. Hope she feels better in the morning!
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Re: Here is my DH vent

well the whole MIL comment irritated me because I knew the solution to situation and told my DH what needed to be done. She (my DD) needed to go home and get some rest. Not be cajoled, threatened, begged, explained into a good attitude. She clearly wasn't capable of controlling herself at the moment and my MIL seemed to think just talking to her would get her into a good mood. I KNOW my own child, I know what she needed and it was irritating to hear a comment especially when my DH and I were right in the middle of dealing with it.
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