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Re: Surprising Things Kids Know/Do

My older Nephew has always been into Basketball. When he was younger I'd take him to the YMCA so he could shoot around. I'd always take a smaller ball for him (reg size balls were to heavy) and sometimes they'd have a goal lowered to 6-7ft for the younger kids and sometimes not. He'd always amaze people that before 18mos he could shoot and make baskets on the full sized goal. He's 4yrs old now and the other day he was amazing his Mother that he was playing a Adding and Subtracting game on my Ipod and he was getting all the answers correct. I only had to tell him once what to do with the game.

My younger Nephew who will be 3yrs in June can totally sweep the kitchen floor with his kid sized broom and scoop up the dirt in a tiny dustpan and kinda say get the garbage can down for him so he can dump the dirt in the can. He can also push a chair up to the sink rinse all the dishes,climb down put each dish in the dishwasher,open the child proof cabinet get out the soap in fill the soap containers in the dishwasher,and unlock the buttons and press Start to run the dishwasher. (we're always near by when he does this and get really really really really mad if we try to stop him for us it's easier to just let him do it) Oh and when he's done he grabs a towel to wipe the island off of any mess he made.


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Re: Surprising Things Kids Know/Do

Originally Posted by MrsLiberty View Post
...she's an awesome photographer, and some of the pictures she takes are enviable.
AWESOME! Any chance you could post some of her beautiful photos?
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Re: Surprising Things Kids Know/Do

It always amazes me the very big words they say. I dont even know where they heard them!

My kids can count to 20 and to 10 in spanish. they are almost 3 now though..

My 6 yr old will come to me a speak a very adult like sentance. It really throws me off!
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Re: Surprising Things Kids Know/Do

My 1 yr old constantly amazes me with the things she knows. She got a ball of yarn out of the drawer last week and I asked her to put it back and she did! And yesterday I asked if she wanted to read "Horns to Toes" and she walked over to her bookself and picked it out of the 50 or so books on there!!! And if we're out for a wlk she tells me whenever she sees a dog, usually before I see it.
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Re: Surprising Things Kids Know/Do

I'm pretty impressed with my 29 month old's vocabulary. It's probably pretty normal, but I think he's the smartest kid ever, of course.

Tonight at dinner DS looked down at his plate and said "what's that", pointing to the picture of construction equipment (you know a kid friendly plastic plate with pics on it) I told him it's an "escavator" He looked at me and said. "no mommy, it's not an escavator, it's a bull dozer" He was totally right, I used the word escavator because I couldn't think of the word bull dozer, even though they are pretty much the same thing.
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Re: Surprising Things Kids Know/Do

My little guy is 4 months old & sits up with out help & crawls. The sitting isn't that early for his age but I think the crawling kind of is. He started with an army crawl but has the arms & legs going now. I think he's just really determined to get into what his sisters are doing. He can give the girls a hi-5, gives kisses & says mom, hi & hello. I was one of those kids who started college when I was 8 years old so maybe he's taking after his old mom.
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Re: Surprising Things Kids Know/Do

DD was pretty speech delayed, so she's always surprising me with what she says. 6 months ago I was happy when she said ball. The other day I handed her a pair of socks to try to put on, and she said "Purple Dora Socks! My favorite!" And she was right too - they were her purple dora socks, and I'm very rapidly coming to discover that purple is her favorite color. I was also surprised when she mostly got them on herself.

She knows her numbers, and mostly gets them in order when she counts. She knows her colors, but calls black brown. She recognizes some letters, and most shapes. I just about fell over today when she told me that the tree on her puzzle was also an oval - I think I've told her that maybe once, a month ago, but when she rediscovered her puzzle again, she remembered. A few months ago she found my mother's exercise ball. I went over to give mom a hand one day because she'd broken her ribs. I was in the middle of getting something for my mother when I realized that DD had disappeared, and I found her down in the exercise room, a room she had entered exactly once before, playing with the "big purple ball" (purple is my mother's favorite color too).

And for the ladies saying "they learn when they want to" oh yeah, totally there. For the longest time DD said "maema" for grandma and "papa" for grandpa. Now she's figured out "dama" for grandma, and "dampa" for grandpa. She's still having issues with hard G and hard K/C sounds, but I imagine those will resolve themselves just like all her other pronunciation issues have.
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Re: Surprising Things Kids Know/Do

My little one (just turned 2) says "fabulous" to a lot of things. I use that word a lot & I guess he just picked it up but people always kind of laugh when he says it since I guess it sounds funny coming from a toddler.. lol

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Re: Surprising Things Kids Know/Do

Lately the thing that's impressed (and terrified) me is DD's climbing ability. We set a bunk bed up for DSS and DD can climb to the top by HERSELF! Talk about giving mommy a heart attack!! At the park the other day she was almost to the top of some big climbing thing before I noticed!! ahhhh! She'd never seemed interested in it at all before and all of a sudden she's almost to the top! Of course I ran over and she didn't end up needing me, but I felt better having my arms up "spotting" her anyway. (overbearing mama! hehe)

DSD surprised me tonight. She so often gives off such a ditsy vibe...I know she's smart, but she doesn't often show it. she as VERY selective hearing, etc. Anyway, my FIL died last tuesday and we have been telling her why and what happened, as she asks. Basically not trying to drag her into the thick of it, but honestly answer any questions she has - well anyway, ONE time yesterday I phrased something differently than usual and tonight she came up to me and said, "Grandpa died because XXX" and she repeated verbatim what I had told her yesterday! I thought that was pretty remarkable!

DSS - I would have to say what gets me about him, repeatedly, is his vocabulary! He's 7, yet so often he'll use words that even I wouldn't think to use! His dad uses big words, too, and I'm sure that's where he gets a lot of it. Instead of phrasing things in easy language, DH has always just used big words and then explained them as needed as he went along. Apparently DSS has totally picked up on it!

I love my kids!
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Re: Surprising Things Kids Know/Do

My little guy I nanny for is a riot. He just turned six, and I'm convinced that in addition to being a genius, he's a natural comedian. The other day he was telling me a story about something a kid in his class did, and he ends the story with "and I was like, O.M.G., seriously?" He actually said the letters. He'd been so serious in telling the story, I almost died laughing.
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