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Arrow Help! My 10 mth SQUEEEELLLLSSSS all the time.

You've all heard the cute little excited squeel, or the yell to get attention. My ds has started squeeling at the top of his longs all the time. I ignore him when he does it at home, which is hard to do, because you feel like your ears are bleeding. (its such a high pitch). However, what do I do when I am out to dinner. DH and I were out with my in-laws and ds just screamed and screamed and screamed. After 2-3 min of constant squeels I picked ds up and walked out of the building. It's hard, because he's only 10 months old. He doesn't understand "discipline" persay, so I tried re-direction (big thing in preschool curriculum) brought him back in and he continued.

Do I just continue ignoring it? Anyone have a child that did this as well? Did they out grow it? What did you do?


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Re: Help! My 10 mth SQUEEEELLLLSSSS all the time.

If you just keep being consistent and telling him no or hush and then ignoring him after that (when you are at home) he will totally grow out of it. My DS was the same way and now if he yelps, we tell him hush and he instantly gets quiet. He is probably just testing out his voice.
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Re: Help! My 10 mth SQUEEEELLLLSSSS all the time.

My ds loved to squeal right around 8-12 mos. Especially in the grocery store, high ceilings made an echo he just loved. Eventually he just grew out of it.
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Re: Help! My 10 mth SQUEEEELLLLSSSS all the time.

My 9 month old does this. Its not bad at home, but at church or out to dinner its really hard. If ds has food when we're out to eat hes normally okay. But he self feeds and eats fast so when hes done he will let you know when he wants more lol. Hes a piggy. But I try to redirect as well, like at church, he starts to squeal and I shhh him a few times and then get up and leave.
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Re: Help! My 10 mth SQUEEEELLLLSSSS all the time.

I do what you do - we are at 8 months - we tell him that he needs to tone it down, he can squeal at home, we love his voice but people are trying to enjoy their dinner and not everyone enjoys him doing that, etc...he usually gets it (in less we are with my parents who provoke him)... if it gets bad, we walk him outside for a minute, etc.... but he tones it down 99% of the time... and it goes in phases... sometimes bad, sometimes he's quiet but he's learned how to get attention. I think even babies know, we as parents just don't give them enough credit for understanding. (I tell him I have eyes in the back of my head already and mama sees him doing XXX...and redirect him).
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Re: Help! My 10 mth SQUEEEELLLLSSSS all the time.

My DD does that too. It's cute for about the first minute or two.... I do know she's just learning vocalization and cause/effect, but I just keep trying the re-drection. Good luck and hopefully he'll out grow it...
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