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Re: Am I overreacting?

My mom would never watch my son again....never. Where do you think predators go to get children? Crowded events/places where children are likely to be and they can act like the child is theirs and just being a brat as they make off with them! Would you think twice about seeing an adult take a crying 5 year old out of a theater?


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Re: Am I overreacting?

Would you think twice about seeing an adult take a crying 5 year old out of a theater?
If the kid was crying "I want popcorn" no. If the kid was screaming "No! I don't know you!", yes, yes I would.
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Re: Am I overreacting?

i would be LIVID about the haircuts, and if anyone left my kid in a movie theatre by themselves.... heads would roll and that person would NEVER and i mean NEVER babysit again.
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Re: Am I overreacting?

I would be mad, yes. But I would make sure to explain why. When I was a kid, the movie theater thing wouldn't have been a big deal. You just didn't think about stuff like that. The world is different now than it was twenty years ago, and you just can't do that kind of thing anymore.
I recently had a similar situation with my mom. My two year old was being two and not wanting to leave the place where we were. So my mom suggested we walk out and that he would follow. I went with her, but I stayed where I could see him. She kept walking, saying how I had to make him think we were actually leaving. She didn't understand that you CANNOT take your eyes off of a two year old in a public place, EVER! But when I was a kid, she did that all the time. It was just not a thing.
I think you should explain to her why she can't do that. Ever. If she gets it, fine. If not, tell her that you don't think she understands the gravity of the situation, and until she does you can't trust her to have your kids in public places.
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Re: Am I overreacting?

Yikes! I would definitely be having a talk with my mom if that happened to us!
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Re: Am I overreacting?

Well-I'll be the second 'odd one out'. I'd agree that I don't know that leaving a 5 year old alone in a theater was the best idea, but I dont' think it's something to be angry with your mother over. If I were in your shoes I would take this time to talk with my mother about what I am/am not comfortable with with regards to my children. I highly doubt she thought she was putting her Grandson at risk by leaving him in the theater, in her generation it was probably common place.

We all have a variety of ranges as to what we're comfortable with when it comes to our children's freedoms and independence. This is influenced by a variety of things-our kids maturity, our community, our own levels of anxiety, etc. It's probably best not to assume that anyone who watches your children, family included has the exact same comfort zone-imo. it's best to be explicit about what you expect, especially when there is a generation gap at play.

Now the hair-that would upset me


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Re: Am I overreacting?

I would have been highly upset.
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Re: Am I overreacting?

Trust me....if that was my mom she would have already gotten an ear full! Yes, there may have been other families there but I know those parents would have probably thought nothing about it if he got up and walked out or if he followed some perv out or something of the sort. For one, they are watching a movie (not your child) and if they aren't watching the movie, then they are probably distracted taking care of their children. Not only that, but the theater is dark. So between the lack of light, the movie, and their kids....unfortunately I don't think anybody would have noticed if your children was kidnapped. It would have been different if she ran into a friend and say "hey I've gotta take this one to the restroom. do you mind to keep an eye on the other for me?" But I'm guessing that's not the case.

The crooked haircut would make me mad but I would probably just "jokingly" say something about it until I found out about the movies. Then I'd blow!
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Re: Am I overreacting?

I would be a little annoyed at the haircut but that is really no big deal in the grand scheme of things ya know? BUT leaving your son is unacceptable!!!! He could have been stolen in a heartbeat and unfortunately that is how life it. I would try to explain to her why you are so upset and just tell her it can not happen again.
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Re: Am I overreacting?

Originally Posted by beesbaby2 View Post
I would be really mad at both things. They are your kids, she should at least ask before cutting their hair. I would be even more mad about the movies. I know a lot of parents didn't have to worry about that stuff years ago, but you can't do that anymore. I might leave a 12 year old in the theater, MAYBE, but not a 5 year old! At least you found out so you can make your rules more clear!
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