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Homemade Yogurt Questions

I'm considering making my own yogurt. DH goes through about five 6oz cups/week and DD goes through 3.

So, two questions: How long does homemade yogurt last? Most recipes I've seen use a gallon of milk at a time, and it would take a while for us to go through that much. Does anyone have a recipe that uses 1/2 gallon?

What's the best way to ensure that it's not too runny?

And what are the best ways to flavor/sweeten it? DD eats plain yogurt but DH likes the flavored ones (usually Stonyfield or Brown Cow).


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Re: Homemade Yogurt Questions

my mil used ot make yogurt from the outdated milk. in india they make there own. so she would boil it and then she would take some of the starter from the previous yogurt she made. my husband said it was good but mil never put it in the fridge so i wouldnt eat it or my kids. over there they dont put it in the fridge i guess. but it looked like real yogurt and smelled like it she left it out for a week and it was still good she said.

i got the super baby food book by ruth yaron i plan on trying to make my own. they sell gogurt its a starter i think its called I am assuming it has to be good for at least a week. you can sweeten it with fresh fruit. that babyfood book tells how to make it sweeter and not so sweet. mil just boiled the milk for a while and then added her starter and she kept it warm because that is the key to make it activate the cultures.
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Re: Homemade Yogurt Questions

I'm actually making my first batch of yogurt right now its culturing, can't wait to see what its like tomorrow morning! but we used a 1/2 gallon of milk in our recipe. (I did mine in the crock pot). From what I've read you can keep it for 2-3 weeks in the fridge, not that ours will still be here in 2-3 weeks if it tastes good lol!

As for sweetening it, what we do with our regular plain ygourt is a bit of brown sugar and nutmeg and cinnmon (makes yummy apple dip) or a bit of honey and fruit, so probably the same for homemade yogurt, just done to taste of course. Also they say if you let the yogurt culture for less time (ie 8 instead of 12 hours) it tends to be a bit sweeter tasting.

And to make it less runny, strain it through a towel or cheesecloth for a couple hours to drain off the excess liquid.
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Re: Homemade Yogurt Questions

I like to mix a little bit of jam in mine. Granola and honey is good too.
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Re: Homemade Yogurt Questions

The crock pot yogurt recipe uses half a gallon of milk. Would that help?
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Re: Homemade Yogurt Questions

I didn't read the replies but I only used half a gallon for mine. Not sure how long it would have lasted - even half a gallon was too much for us (it ended up making 3 spaghetti sized jars full, and I don't eat yogurt EVERY day, but I like it from time to time), so I ended up using it to make frozen yogurt - which is yummy!

For the yogurt, I just used a 6 oz container of Greek yogurt and probably put 5 oz in, though probably could have put less. I heated the whole milk up to 170 and cooled it to about 110, mixed the yogurt, put it in jars in a cooler. I put a covered pot with water that was about 110 degrees next to the jars in the cooler and covered it all with sweaters. I checked it 5 or so hours later and it was ready, but put it in the fridge overnight before I had some.

We added a little bit of honey individually... my husband and I liked it!
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Re: Homemade Yogurt Questions

We strain our homemade yogurt through a cheesecloth to make it thick. Sometimes I will strain it a second time to make yogurt cheese! You can spread it on toast or use it like cream cheese for cheesecake.

I generally make plain yogurt and sweeten it before I eat it with jam or fresh fruit.
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Re: Homemade Yogurt Questions

You can add some powdered milk (a cup or so) to your yogurt before you let it sit and it will be thicker and creamier.
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Re: Homemade Yogurt Questions

the crockpot 365 recipe is what I use, it's a half gallon. I add 2 tbsp of honey and a capful of vanilla to mine plus 2 /3cup milk powder and then I strain it through cheesecloth to make it super thick and creamy. I love our homemade yogurt and now nothing compares to it. It takes a full 24hours to heat, cool, incubate, strain, etc but it's so worth it and the amt of hands-on time I actually put into it is like maybe 30 minutes total????
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Re: Homemade Yogurt Questions

My yogurt is not coming out right? I have been making it and the last 4 times it is far too runny, hasn't set AT ALL.... It has only set when I turn on the oven, then turn it off once it hits 350 and put the WHOLE crock with a towel wrapped around it over night. What are youguys doing to set yours? I follow the crock recipe every detail perfectly?? I am tired of the oven step though...
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