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taking an infant to a movie?

I really want to go to a movie, specifically Sex and the City 2... I have a newborn (2 1/2 weeks) though... I was thinking I could go to a morning show next week and just bring her. What do you think? I worry about the noise, but it's not an action film so maybe it would be okay... She'd be in a sling right up next to me.

Have any of you ever done this? thoughts? feedback?


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Re: taking an infant to a movie?

I've never seen a movie theater allow an infant into an adult's movie. I'd call the theater first and see if they will even allow you to bring your baby. (Maybe morning movies are different)

But, otherwise, I say go for it, just bring a blanket to cover her head a little to block some of the noise.

Congratulations on your baby!!!! I love that newborn stage. I miss it so much.
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Re: taking an infant to a movie?

Sort of the same involved me in a theater with a newborn

I went back to school (mid semester) when dd was 2 weeks old, and one of the first assignments when I got back was that I had to see 2 independent films at our local film festival. My parents watched her for me so I could see a longer one, but the only other one I could do was 45 minutes long, and I had to take her. It was not a good experience for me...she was a very nosy newborn. If there was any noise whatsoever her head was turning every which-way to see what was going on. She didn't sleep at all, she was a VERY noisy nurser (my first NIP experience) was one of my first outings with just the 2 of us, she is my first so I was completely clueless how to handle anything. I had her in the wrap the whole time, but still. She started getting fussy at about 30 minutes in, and we left instantly and I listened to the rest of the film from outside.

Perhaps if she would have been a "sleep constantly" newborn, I wouldn't have had any trouble.

Good luck!
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Re: taking an infant to a movie?

DH and I took DD1 to movies all the time until she was about 4 months old. She just slept in her carseat.
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Re: taking an infant to a movie?

I wasn't brave enough to do it with DS, but I have a good friend that always takes her newborns to the movies and they do great.
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Re: taking an infant to a movie?

I totally did it! When DS#2 was about 2 weeks old I went to see the X Files movie. A matinee and I was one of 3 people there. He nursed/slept the whole time. Had he cried I would have walked out until we were situated.

At the end of the movie when the other people saw me they said to me that they had no idea a baby was even in here and how quiet he was!

I just had him in a Mei Tai close to me and that helped with security, comfort and noise
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Re: taking an infant to a movie?

Hmmm... i have taken my baby to the movies LOTS of times. I took L when she was about 5 weeks old, and S from when she was only 2 weeks. It's easier the younger they are! They really aren't disturbed too much by loud noises at that age. I don't think you'll have any problem getting in, it's usually free under 1 year old. I have taken them to night time shows mostly, we took L until she was about 8 months (at that point she was playing peekaboo with the people next to us, and crawling around trying to eat popcorn off the floor, so we decided it wasn't such a good idea anymore. Also she was more disrupted and woken up by the noise of the film). My tips?

1- Take a sling, so you can just nurse and then they can sleep in there.
2- Try to go to a movie that's been out for a while so that the cinema is not totally full.
3- Sit on the aisle, if they start crying make sure you can quickly get out without a fuss, if they fuss for a while you can just stand down the passageway so you can still watch the movie.
4- Try going to a later session if you go in the evening, we always picked an 8:30 or 9 session, by that point usually DD1 had gone to sleep in the carrier so just slept through the whole thing.
5- make sure you have a blanket or something that you can put over their ears once they're asleep if they're prone to waking up in response to the noise.

Totally doable! We've definitely seen things with our babies that were less kid-friendly than Sex, but since they're always asleep it's never bothered me! Basically any time my kids ever made a noise in the film a nipple was popped into their mouth, lol!
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Re: taking an infant to a movie?

i wouldnt do it. i think movie theater movies are too loud for babies (they are even too loud for me sometimes).
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Re: taking an infant to a movie?

We took ds2 to see "Up" when he was maybe a month or so old, "The Hangover" not long after that, and "Harry Potter" when he was 4 months old. By the 4 month point, it was too difficult (he woke up during any action, kept himself awake so he could stare at the screen but was s.l.e.e.p.y. so he got fussy, etc.), so we stopped. But the early movies were super easy. He slept or nursed the entire times.
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Re: taking an infant to a movie?

Yeah, I'd do it! I took my son to Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs on my birthday last year, and it went really well. Granted, that's a kids' movie, but still, it was a movie theater experience, and it went well.
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