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Need sleep advice!!

I am frustrated and don't know where to begin. My almost 6 month old son is what I would call kind of addicted to the swaddle still. I have him in a woombie blanket which is like a sleep sack with no arm holes. He goes to sleep and sleeps a little better like this becuase he acts like he doesn't know what to do with his arms if they are loose. Now he has started rolling over and can't get back over and screams for us to turn him. He did this like 4 times last night. Then he still gets up around 4-5 am and eats a bottle of formula. I don't totally mind this becuase he acts really hungry except that in the morning around 730-8 when he is up for the day he isnt hungry. His appetite during the day has gone way down. I started some solids in the evening though around dinner. Also he is addicted to the paci and alot of nights we have to get up a few times and put it back in his mouth and at naptime. I feel like he has so many little sleep props that is getting in the way of true sleep for both of us. I want to stop the swaddle blanket but then he wakes a lot wanting the paci more. I am so exhausted I don't know what to do. I have read sleep books etc. I know that its common for a 6 mth old to eat during the night once but it makes him less hungry during the day. Any suggestions?


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Re: Need sleep advice!!

I'm gonna go with ditch the swaddle so he gets some better night time co-ordination going on. When he wakes up wanting the paci, put it in his hand and then help him get it into his mouth, and eventually he'll start finding it and putting it in his mouth on his own because it's faster than waiting for you to wake up, find it, and give it him.

On feeding, I have no idea. I had a piggy who would eat 24/7 if you let him. Maybe try giving him his bottle in half amount followed by some water if his weight and everything is fine and your Dr ok's it?

Just out of curiosity, does he eat his solids well? If he'd rather eat them than take a bottle, you could try just giving him a bit more of those, like cereal mixed/thinned with forumla so you know he's still getting everything he needs from the formula and he's actually eating. Not saying it's the right way to do it, but my boy ate cereal for breakfast, again at lunch time, normally with some babyfood veggies added in, and then whatever was on hand for dinner. Starting when he ate solids well. He just preferred them over taking a bottle all the time, and I couldn't see a reason not to since he had no tummy issues and the Dr. said unless I saw problems it was fine to give him more than suggested 1 meal of them.
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Re: Need sleep advice!!

We have the same son!!!

We stopped swaddleing our (almost 6mo) old YDS a week ago. I did it slowly over time, but I let him start falling asleep in his swing and then I'd move him. Or swaddle to bed and then about 11 before I went to bed I'd go in and carefully unwrap him when he was out. He started rolling over in his swaddle and then screaming to be turned over again and it made me nervous. Now he's upstairs asleep without a swaddle and he rolls all over the crib.

As far as the eating, our YDS still gets up at 5:30 eats and then goes back to sleep and is up at 7-8 and he doesn't want to eat either. But he's happy and playing so I figure he's fine! I just feed him when he's hungry. He gets cereal for breakfast, eats and then he goes down for a nap about 10. He has definatley stopped eating so much during the day too, but if he's teething (and he is) my kids loose their appitites also. Plus if I remember right our ODS did the same thing about 6mo. His "milk" intake went down about this age to about 20-24oz a day somedays less. As long as he's making plenty of diapers and gaining weight I wouldn't worry about it. They'll eat when they are hungry. One thing our ped always says is "the 3 things you can't control are : eating, sleeping and potty training, you just have to let them do that on their own".

And with the paci... i usually rock YDS to sleep with his in his mouth and he'll fall asleep with it and then spit it out but I have to wake back up to to give it to him if he wants it. It's frustrating, but I figure this too shall pass.... I HOPE!
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