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150 Girl Names That Means Warrior For Your Courageous Princess

Are you searching for an elegant name for your baby girl? We offer a compilation of names for female warriors that represent courage and bravery. Selecting a name that aligns with one’s personality and character is crucial, especially for your precious little one.

Warrior names have the potential to inspire individuals and may be fitting for your daughter as she evolves into a fearless and formidable woman. Explore our article for a collection of captivating and compelling names for your lovely and delightful daughter.

Girl Names That Mean Warrior

1. Adira

This name comes from Hebrew and means a strong and energetic woman.

2. Alexandra

A name with Greek roots that signifies a person who defends others.

3. Alexandria

Similar to Alexandra, this name also means defender.

4. Althea

From Greek mythology, this name means someone who heals.

5. Amira

A name of Arabic origin that signifies a leader or royalty.

6. Annemarie

This name has Hebrew roots and means a woman who is independent and rebellious.

7. Aife

An Irish name for a female warrior and sorceress who taught Celtic nobles about love and war.

8. Alessia

A name with Greek origins that means protector.

9. Andra

A name of Greek origin that signifies a brave fighter.

10. Audhild

This name comes from Norse mythology and means a wealthy warrior woman.

12. Beadu

An English name that signifies a female warrior.

13. Bellona

Named after the Roman Goddess of war, this name comes from the Latin word for fighting.

14. Bellatrix

This name of Latin origin means a female warrior.

15. Brianna

A name that befits a strong girl.

16. Ceallach

In the Scottish Gaelic language, this name translates to a warrior maid.

17. Alala

In Greek mythology, Alala was the sister of Ares, the God of war. It means war-like.

18. Artemis

A goddess from Greek mythology who was the daughter of Zeus and the sister of Apollo. She was also the goddess of the hunt, wild animals, chastity, and childbirth. Hence, the name stands for a fighter.

19. Aella

In Greek mythology, Aella was a strong Amazonian warrior who wielded a double ax weapon.

20. Ailbhe

A unisex name of Irish Gaelic origin. The name has its roots in the word “albho,” which means white and bright. In Irish mythology, Ailbhe was the name of the female warrior of Fianna.

21. Andronika

The female variant of the name Andronikos, this name is of Greek origin. It means a victorious warrior. Her name inspires every girl to fight for the right.

22. Armani

This Italian name means a valiant warrior.

23. Athena

She is the goddess of war and wisdom from Greek mythology and a fighter.

24. Audrey

An English name, Audrey, means a strong and noble fighter.

25. Audelia

This poetic name means a woman who is aristocratic and strong.

26. Borghildr

In Norse mythology, Borghildr was the name of the goddess of evening mist and also means protection in a battle.

27. Brenda

The name is of Norse origin and means sword.

28. Brenna

Quite similar to the name Brenda, Brenna also means sword.

29. Burma

This Teutonic baby name means a magnificent warrior maiden.

30. Brunhilde

According to Scandinavian folklore, Brunhilde refers to an armored battle maiden.


The female counterpart of the name Camillus, this name has its roots in Roman mythology. It means a warrior maiden.

32. Cammi

The name is of French origin and is a shortened form of the name Camilla, which means a fighter.

33. Carla

A popular name in German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch culture, Carla means a fighter.

34. Cassandra

A beautiful name of Greek origin, Cassandra, means a fighter or a warrior.

35. Chasina

This Aramaic name means a brave and strong fighter.

36. Clodovea

The name is of old Spanish origin, and it refers to a prominent warrior.

37. Diana

It is a Roman equivalent of the name Athena (from Greek mythology). She was a brave woman.

38. Edwidge

A befitting name for your strong baby girl, Edwidge, means war. The name is of French origin.

39. Emlyn

An English name that refers to a noble and brave warrior girl.

40. Eferhild

The name means warrior maiden.

41. Eferhilda

It is a variant of the name Eferhild, which means a warrior maiden.

42. Gerta

The name means warrior or a strong spear.

43. Gertraud

This name means the warrior maiden and has its origin in Germanic roots.

44. Myrina

This name befitting for your warrior princess was the name of an Amazonian warrior.

45. Hera

In ancient Greek mythology, Hera was regarded as the queen of the gods and a symbol of strength and power.

46. Ildiko

A beautiful name for a beautiful girl., it means a strong fighter.

47. Kayleigh

One of the most popular English names, it means the guardian of the keys, protector, and warrior.

48. Louella

A pretty name for your princess, it means a renowned fighter.

49. Louisa

It is a French name that is graceful and fitting for your little angel. It means a famous warrior of French and German origin.

50. Marceline

It means a young warrior in French.

51. Marcella

Another unique yet beautiful name for your beautiful butterfly, it means a brave warrior in Roman.

52. Qadirah

The Arabic name means the powerful one.

53. Romilda

An attractive name for your little cutie, it means a glorious battle maiden.

54. Sasha

This name is of Ukrainian origin, it means a defending warrior or a helper of mankind.

55. Shamra

It is an Arabic name that means someone ready for battle.

56. Tyra

This name is of Scandinavian origin, and it means Thor’s warrior.

57. Valencia

It is a beautiful name that depicts a victorious and strong warrior.

58. Valerie

The name is of Czech origin, it means health and strength.

59. Valda

This charming name is of Teutonic origin, and it means a fearless warrior.

60. Zoe

The name is of Greek origin, and it means a fighter.

Names Of Female Warriors In Mythology

If you are intrigued by mythology, here are some female warrior names that might interest you:

61. Arawelo

Ancient Somali queen known for her strength of character and leadership

62. Artemisia

Ancient Greek queen known for intelligence, strategic abilities, and mercilessness in battle, and a valued ally of Xerxes, the Persian king

63. Ahhotep

Egyptian pharaoh and military leader who paved the way for future female leaders

64. Boudica

Celtic queen who led a rebellion against the Roman Empire, known for her resolute and headstrong character

65. Cynane

Skilled fighter raised in accordance with the Illyrian tradition by her mother, Audata

66. Enyo

Greek goddess of war and destruction

67. Eris

Greek godd ess associated with conflict and strife, often depicted in connection with warfare.

68. Freya

Freya was a Norse goddess known for her love of beauty, fertility, and artful possessions, making her one of the most celebrated goddesses in Norse mythology.

69. Hua Mulan

A legendary figure from ancient China, she was known for her bravery.

70. Hel

In Norse mythology, Hel is regarded as the ruler of the underworld. According to the legend of Ragnarok, Hel led an army of the deceased and brought about the end of the world.

71. Joan

Also referred to as “Joan of Arc,” at just 17 years old, she led French troops into battle, with her most notable victory being the victory of Orleans.

72. Nakano

Named onna-bugeisha (female samurai), Nakano Takeko was skilled in both martial and literary arts.

73. Olympias

As the mother of Alexander the Great, she remains one of history’s most well-known female warriors, noted for her ambition, strength, and ruthlessness.

74. Penthesilea

One of the most fierce leaders of the all-female Amazon tribe, Penthesilea was renowned for daring to fight men.

75. Tomoe Gozen

This legendary female Samurai was skilled in wielding both a sword and bow. She first appeared in The Tale of Heike.

76. Triệu Thị Trinh

Known as the Vietnamese Joan Of Arc, she led a rebellion against the Chinese army who sought to conquer her homeland during the 3rd century.

Warrior Princess Names

77. Ana Nzinga

Queen of Ndongo (currently known as Angola), she was a strategic and revered leader.

78. Gudit

Queen of Ethiopia, Gudit was fierce and mighty, deposing the king who previously ruled over Ethiopia and continuing to rule for decades after seizing the throne.

79. Khutulun

Known as the wrestler princess, she was the great-great-granddaughter of Ghengis Khan. She dominated the wrestling ring, with no man able to defeat her, and the same was true for her on the battlefield.

80. Thomyris

A courageous and fierce queen who ruled over the Massagetae (a sect of Iranian people), she led her army against Cyrus the Great of the Achaemenid Empire and emerged victorious.

81. Zenobia

Dubbed the “Warrior Queen,” she was ferocious and strong-willed, conquering Egypt within just two years of beginning her rule over the Palmyrene empire.

Female Warrior Names In History

History preserves the legacies of the most fearsome female warriors of all time. Draw inspiration from them and give your baby a name that suits her.

82. Ching Shih

A pirate queen, she was belligerent and cunning, winning numerous victories in her lifetime.

83. Julie

Julie D’Aubigny was intelligent, highly skilled, and a fierce woman. She was particularly adept with swords and, despite never serving on a battlefield, was revered for her audacious nature.

84. Lozen

A powerful warrior, she was able to anticipate her enemies’ movements, leading her to numerous victories. She was also rumored to be a prophet.

85. Lyudmila

Lyudmila Pavlichenko was a Soviet Sniper during the second World War. She is regarded as the most successful female sniper, with 309 kills to her name.

86. Nancy

Nancy Wake was a bold and audacious French resistance fighter, known for her strength and resilience.

87. Lozen

A strong warrior, she used to predict her enemies movements that led her to various victories. She was a rumored prophet.

Native American Female Warrior Names

If you are fascinated by Native American culture, perhaps one of these names will appeal to you.

88. Cheveyo

This name conveys the spirit of a warrior or a soul warrior.

89. Hania

A Native American name that means a fighter with spirit.

90. Pallaton

In the Native American language, Pallaton refers to a mighty warrior.

91. Sakima

This name signifies a warrior queen.

92. Aiofe

A legendary Irish name that means a princess warrior.

93. Alastrina

This name represents a woman fighter or an avenger.

94. Alsatriono

Similar to Alastrina, this name means a female warrior or an avenger.

95. Aileen

In the Bible, Aileen denotes a bearer of light.

96. Bria

Bria signifies a woman with strength, power, and vitality.

97. Bridget

This name means a distinguished or prominent female warrior.

98. Breanna

A variant of Bria, Breanna denotes a strong and powerful warrior.

99. Brenda

Of Old Irish origin, Brenda means a torchbearer or a sword bearer.

1oo. Brielle

Brielle represents a powerful woman who is also a warrior of God.

101. Caheerah

In Irish origins, the name means a woman warrior.

102. Caheerah

This name means a woman warrior and is a variant of the name Caheerah.

103. Fiana

The name Fiana means a warrior huntress.

104. Fian

Fian serves as a great nickname for Fiana as it means a warrior huntress.

105. Fiann

This is another variant of the name Fiana.

Fiane Fiane refers to a fighter.

106. Fianna

This beautiful name means a band of warriors, fitting for a strong and beautiful girl.

107. Fallon

The name Fallon means a superior ruler descended from a powerful ruler.

108. Flannery

This name is suitable for a person who has descended from the Red warrior.

109. Jessica

The name Jessica means a warrior who can foresee.

110. Kelley

The name Kelley means bright-headed warrior in Irish.

111. Kellie

Kellie is another name for Kelly, which means a fighter.

112. Kelianna

This name simply means a warrior.

113. Kelly

Kelly is an ancient name that means war.

114. Leahy

Leahy is a suitable name for a little princess with a strong personality.

115. Matilda

Matilda is the name of a battle maiden or someone powerful in war.

116. Mae ve

In Irish mythology, Maeve was the warrior queen of Connacht.

117. Peyton

The name Peyton means the warrior’s village.

118. Rilea

Rilea means a valiant woman warrior.

119. Tracy

Tracy is a popular name that means a fighter or a warrior.

Celtic Female Warrior Names

If you’re drawn to Celtic culture, consider these names for your daughter.

120. Aine

Aine means magnificence, brilliance, and radiance in Celtic.

121. Andromeda

The ruler of men is known as Andromeda in Celtic.

122. Bedelia

Bedelia is a variant of the name Bridget and means the powerful one.

123. Boudibiua

Boudibiua is the name of a warrior who is sure to win.

124. Brei

The name Brei signifies a strong-willed and powerful leader.

125. Macha

Macha was one of the three goddesses of war in Celtic mythology.

126. Meredith

Meredith means the protector of the sea.

127. Reilyyn

Reilyyn is suitable for a valiant and courageous woman.

German Female Warrior Names

German culture also has plenty of name choices for a strong and fearless daughter.

128. Bernadette

The name Bernadette refers to someone brave and strong as a bear.

129. Ebba

Ebba means the strength and power of an animal.

130. Eike

The name Eike means the edge of a sword.

131. Karleen

Karleen is of Old German descent, and it refers to womanly strength.

132. Maude

Maude is another variant of the name Matilda, which means someone powerful in battle.

133. Rosetta

Rosetta refers to a noted protector in German.

134. Trude

Trude is someone with an innate fighting spirit.

135. Valda

Valda refers to the battle heroine.

136. Velda

Velda is another variant of the name Valda, which means a powerful ruler

137. Wilma

meaning “to protect”

138. Zelma

Meaning “helmet of God”

Other female warrior names from various cultures and mythologies include

139. Innana

Sumerian goddess of beauty, justice, and war

140. Juno

Roman goddess of state protection

141. Minerva

Roman name referring to strategic and wise warriors

142. Menhit

The name has its roots in Rome. It refers to a strategic and wise person in warfare.

Ancient Egyptian goddess of war

143. Neith

Egyptian goddess of fate, war, wisdom, and the cosmos

144. Nerio

Roman goddess of valor and war

145. Pele

Hawaiian goddess of destruction and violence

146. Sekhmet

Egyptian goddess of healing and war

147. Satis

ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility, hunting, and war

148. Victoria

Roman goddess of victory (similar to Greek goddess Nike)

149. Zorya

Slavic goddess of the morning star and war

150. Zula

Egyptian goddess of war and the stars

Consider these noteworthy female names for your brave little princess. As a parent, you might aspire to raise a bold and intrepid daughter, so choose a name that complements her character. Naming your child after a warrior can inspire her and mold her persona. These names come from different cultures (including Andra, Diana, Marcella, Victoria, Zenobia, etc.) and evoke a sense of strength and courage.