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8 Of The Best Baby Humidifiers For Your Baby

The Best Baby Humidifiers and How to Use Them 

Getting the best baby humidifier probably isn’t a priority for most expecting parents. It’s no wonder, new parents have a lot to deal with even before their baby arrives. Parenting classes, baby showers, and doctor appointments all quickly fill up free-time.

On top of all that, there’s baby-proofing and getting the nursery ready. Setting up a baby room takes care and a lot of research. From the bassinet to the changing table and the chair for nursing, every element of a nursery requires care when choosing a product. Getting the best humidifier for a baby is an important part of the nursery that many parents may overlook. 

bets baby humidifier

This best baby humidifiers guide gives a summary of the product. It discusses what baby humidifiers are and why your nursery needs one. There’s a brief overview and comparison of the most popular baby humidifiers on the market right now.

After reading, parents will understand the common features available on humidifiers (there’s a lot). At the end of the day, picking the best humidifier for your baby is a matter of what features are the most important to you.  

The Best Baby Humidifiers 

Raydrop Cool Mist Humidifiers

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The Raydrop Cool Mist Humidifiers can run for up to 9 hours before needing a refill. That’s real convenience for parents who don’t need another thing to worry about at bedtime.

There are more features that add to the convenience of this humidifier. This cool mist humidifier can be used without sound of water gurgle or fan noise plus the vertical oval shape design is good for saving space. Dial knob control for selecting the mist output conveniently for full control and a smart indicator, auto shut-off for when the water runs out. 

HMLUESR Baby Cool Mist Humidifier

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Another great baby humidifiers is the HMLUESR baby cool mist Humidifier. This humidifier is equipped with a soft night light and a starry sky projector. The design of the night light can clearly see the water level and is paired with a cute lion and hippo to make your kids like it more.

This humidifier can be used in two ways: charging and plugging in. The charging time is about 2.5H, and it can be used for about 3.5H. When the moisture is insufficient, the humidifier will automatically power off. Super silent, create a quiet and comfortable environment for your children without disturbing there sleep.

Pure Enrichment MistAire Cloud

Pure Enrichment MistAire Cloud - 1.8L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier (BPA Free) with 8-Color Night Light for Child or Baby - Variable Mist Lasts Up to 24 Hours - Whisper-Quiet for Nursery or Bedroom

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The cute design of the Pure Enrichment MistAire Cloud fits in with the decor of any nursery or kids’ room. The whimsical cloud shape is also practical, providing a wide opening for refilling as well as cleaning.

More than a humidifier, the cloud cycles through 8 different colors as a night-light. Using a touch sensor, kids or parents can touch the cloud to pause it on a preferred color. A variable-control knob determines mist output. Depending on the setting, this humidifier can run up to 24-hours. It uses a safety auto-shutoff feature when the water runs out.  

Crane Cool Mist Humidifier

Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Filter-Free, 1 Gallon, for Home Bedroom Baby Nursery and Office, White

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Whimsical nurseries and baby rooms are a great fit for the kids edition of Crane’s humidifiers. A dozen adorable options include animals, trains, and even a dragon. Each model emits mist from vents that are incorporated into the design. Vapor pours from animal ears, horns, and nostrils.

Crane advertises this model for busy parents. Those individuals who don’t have time to change filters and clean humidifiers every night. Its filter-free, though they recommend using distilled water. This humidifier is constructed from Clean Control materials to prevent bacteria growth. 

UCAREAIR Cool Mist Humidifier

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The UCAREAIR Cool Mist Humidifier is a humidifier will fit easily into crowded nurseries and baby rooms. Its design is sleek, also making it easy to refill one-handed when the water level gets low.

It’s 2-liter water tank allows up to 10 hours working in low mist and allows up to 200 sq.ft coverage. This cool mist humidifier has a color-changing rainbow-like glow with 7 cycling colors.  Just pick and pause on your favorite color to suit your mood and atmosphere. Automatic shut off with red led when the water is low and no filter needed.

A smart led indicator light shows when the water needs a refill. If the water runs out, a safety auto-shutoff will power off the humidifier. In other circumstances, the auto-shutoff will also activate, like when the unit is lifted up or knocked over. The model comes in two colors––white and black, to match any decor. Specialty intelligent air inlet design keeps this humidifier quieter than a library. 

NECTAR Baby Humidifier

NECTAR Baby Humidifiers for Nursery, Ultrasonic Air Humidifier for Bedroom(Cool Mist & Aroma Diffuser), 7 Color with Remote Control, Bluetooth Lullaby & White Noise, Nightlight for Kids (Wood)

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The NECTAR Baby Humidifier has a lot of bells and whistles. It sits on three legs available in two different styles; either denim or wood finish. The rest of the unit lights up as a nightlight, in seven different colors.

At the base of the unit is a speaker that will connect to any Bluetooth device. Unconnected it can play white noise or a lullaby for restless babies. For added comfort during bedtime, or during cold and flu season, parents can add a few drops of essential oils to the water. The humidifier will run for 5-6 hours and automatically shuts off when the water runs out. 

FridaBaby 3-in-1 Humidifier

FridaBaby 3-in-1 Humidifier with Diffuser and Nightlight by Frida Baby, White

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This egg-shaped humidifier blends in with most decors making it another of the best baby humidifiers. It doesn’t look like a piece of equipment, it has a nightlight or side lamp aesthetic. This design makes sense because it’s also a nightlight.

Users can pick between three different soft hues––green, blue and purple. The third feature of the 3-in-1 is as a diffuser. FridaBaby also sells Vapor Drops, but add any aromatherapy-grade essential oil to the water when it goes into the humidifier. The mist comes out of the top of the egg, releasing moisture in 360º. The tank capacity can cover a 300 square foot room. 

MADETEC Cool Mist Humidifier

MADETEC Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic Humidifiers Aromatherapy Diffuser for Baby, Bedroom, Office with 7 Night Light,Adjustable Mist Levels, Timer, Waterless Auto Shut-off (1L)

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The MADETEC baby humidifier offers users three different settings from low to inside-a-rainforest levels of moisture. For the first two settings, the mist emits from a 360º adjustable nozzle. In the last setting, mist pours out the top of the unit by removing the nozzle completely.

By removing the nozzle, water droplets accumulate beneath the humidifier, so placing it on wood furniture may not be a good idea. The MADETEC also works as a nightlight with seven different light colors. The mist settings and the light colors are both cycled through on a touch control pad at the base. There’s a remote that can turn the unit on, adjust the nightlight color and set a timer. 

What Are Baby Humidifiers?

There’s no shortage of humidifier products out there. And some shoppers may already own a humidifier for their own use. But, parents should focus their shopping on humidifiers designed for babies and nurseries. There’s a number of reasons why a baby specific humidifier is different. 

First, baby humidifiers are usually ‘cool mist.’ They use a technology that doesn’t require heating elements to turn water into mist. Having no heating elements in the nursery is one less thing for parents to worry about. With cool mist humidifiers the water is room temperature, so parents can easily control nursery temps even with the unit running.  

Baby humidifiers are also ultra-sonic, operating a frequency above where humans can hear. For fussy and difficult bedtime routines, the last thing you want is a buzzing or rumbling humidifier keeping your baby awake. 

Baby humidifiers also offer additional features besides adding moisture to the air. Those features will be discussed in-depth later. But a humidifier can also provide different functions in a nursery, reducing the number of devices necessary to buy. Just a few features available in the best baby humidifiers are––white noise machine, nightlight, and Bluetooth speaker. 

Why do Babies Need Humidifiers?

It may not be until after your baby is born that your pediatrician mentions a baby humidifier is important. Using one can keep your baby healthier. The benefits are especially noticeable especially during cold & flu season, when the season changes, or during the dry winter. 

You’re probably already aware of how turning on a heating system in the winter will strip the air of moisture. Babies have skin that’s more susceptible to dryness than adults. A humidifier will prevent your baby from waking up with chapped lips or aggravated eczema. The best baby humidifier will add moisture back in, but it will also clean and purify the air. 

Babies are also very vulnerable to congestion. Getting a sore throat, stuffy nose or developing dry sinuses can happen to adults in dry air environments. For babies, infection and sickness may accompany those symptoms. Using a humidifier can prevent the initial problems from even developing. 

Benefits of a Baby Humidifier

There’s a myriad of benefits to babies who have a humidifier in their nursery from the start. The ultrasonic technology provides white noise that helps babies sleep without being loud enough to disturb restless sleepers. 

A pediatrician may sometimes suggest a warm-mist humidifier. These models have heating elements that output warm air. The warm air can kill air-born bacteria and help break up mucus and congestion in sick babies. Most baby humidifiers use cool-mist, so they won’t burn or scald kids if they touch and play with it. The cool-mist is also good for babies with croup. 

Important benefits come from adding moisture to the air, regardless if warm or cool. During season changes added moisture will help babies avoid seasonal allergies symptoms. The added moisture keeps nasal passages and sinuses moist and less vulnerable to irritation and congestion. 

The soft ultrasonic noise from a humidifier means your baby won’t be sleeping in a silent room after spending nine months surrounded by noise in the womb. Instead the humidifier imitates the soft noise they’re accustomed to hearing. Combined with a soft night light feature, or essential oil diffuser, a humidifier can make it easier to get babies to sleep. 

Buying the Best Baby Humidifier

Listed below are some best-rated humidifiers on the market now. There are several factors that parents should consider when they begin shopping for the best baby humidifier. Most models are closely priced regardless of size or features. This fact lets parents focus on what they want from the device. From large-capacity to just-the-mist humidifiers offer a wide range of additional features for convenience. Just a few of the common features to keep in mind as you read on: 

  • Capacity: determines how long the humidifier will run. Large humidifiers can run multiple days before needing a refill. 
  • Noise: some humidifiers allow a white noise feature to reduce noise-disturbances for sleeping babies. 
  • Night Light Feature: parents looking to reduce the number of devices in the nursery may want a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 humidifier. 
  • Diffusers: use essential oils to calm restless babies and moms during early months. Some humidifiers can’t withstand corrosion from essential oils.
  • Remotes: let parents control the night light, mist output and more with the use of a remote. 
  • Easy Cleaning: in models with wide mouth tanks. Humidifiers need to dry-out between uses & regular cleaning and disinfecting are important. 
  • Bluetooth Capacity: Some humidifiers will now connect to any Bluetooth device to play music during to help soothe babies. 

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