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The 6 Best Cloth Diapers on Amazon

When you are planning for a new member of the family, diaper decisions are among the biggest decisions you can make. Cost is often a factor in your decision here, but many parents today are also looking to make eco-friendly choices when taking care of the next generation of the world. Cloth diapers are making a huge comeback, and are becoming household staples for families across the world. Cloth diapers aren’t the same as they used to be, and it won’t take you long to see that the best cloth diapers on Amazon are charming enough for you to make multiple decisions with one purchase.

Until your baby reaches the one-year-old mark, you can expect to use between 10 and 12 diapers a day, as there will be multiple changes overnight. Reusable cloth diapers are friendly for both the environment and your wallet. But if you are shopping online, how do you know which diapers to choose, when there seems to be endless options.

Before you spend hours researching the right kind for your family, look at our picks for the six best cloth diapers on Amazon to save yourself some time, and money.

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What to Look for in Cloth Diapers

There are several key factors to consider when choosing a cloth diaper – functionality, cost, and effectiveness.

Ease of use will be the single most important thing you will look for when you are investing in cloth diapers. You will also want ones that meet your budget, and your lifestyle needs. If your family has a busy schedule at home, you will now have to factor in frequent laundering to your calendars. You can make it work if you want to with a little bit of planning in advance. Getting cloth diapers that will be easy to clean should be a priority when looking for these diapers, as cleaning diapers will consume more of your time than changing them.

There are many different kinds of cloth diapers. Some look just like disposable diapers and fasten just like them too, making them so much easier to use.

If you aren’t sure what kind of cloth diaper to get, purchasing a few different kinds to accommodate your baby’s varying needs can help. As with every new baby, your family’s plans and needs will change with baby’s new needs. You might for example want to use cloth during the day and a disposable at night.

Because cloth diapers can be a significant one-time investment, you may also consider getting cloth diapers that will grow with your baby. Many are one size, but some are not.

Another feature to look for is their capacity to absorb water. Cloth diapers do not keep water away from baby’s skin as much as other diapers do. Getting some with inserts, and adding waterproof outer shells for your diapering needs will help keep baby dry as long and often as possible.

Affordability is another factor to look for when buying cloth diapers. When you look at the best cloth diapers on Amazon, you will see that these diapers are worth the investment, and not as expensive as they would be from a specialized cloth diaper retailer.

1. Bambino Mio Miosolo All-In-One Cloth Diaper

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When you start looking at cloth diapers on Amazon, you are going to want to be sure to check out Bambino. The Bambino Mio Miosolo All-In-One cloth diaper is a one-size fits all solution for your baby. One of the great things about this diaper is that it will fit up to 35 pounds, meaning the chances are good that it will work for your entire diapering experience.

This is an absorbent diaper that adjusts easily with snaps, and also provides a snug and secure fit. It features an inner wicking layer that keeps moisture from baby’s skin as much as possible, helping to prevent diaper rash.

The Bambino Mio Miosolo comes with an insert designed to wick moisture away from the surface to keep the baby’s skin dry. It will take some time to get used to positioning the insert (there is a bit of a learning curve), but within a few changes you’ll get the hang of it. e pull-out tabs that will help you to become accustomed to working with the insert.

The fabric will stay as soft through every washing, and will be a comfortable choice for your new one. The outer shell of the diaper is water-resistant and adjustable, so it will “grow” as your baby grows.

This diaper is machine washable, but you will need to hang it up to air dry. This is to preserve the water resistant PUL of the outer shell. (In fact, a general rule I live by is to hang dry all diaper shells and covers to preserve the integrity of the PUL.)

This is an award-winning diaper solution, which is how it has become one of the best cloth diapers on Amazon.

cloth diapers hanging on a clothesline to dry

2. Bum Genius All-in-One Cloth Diaper with Snaps

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Bum Genius is another all-in-one diaper that is one-size fits all, and functions with the same ease as a disposable diaper. It will fit your baby up to 35 pounds, meaning, it too, should fit your baby through potty training.

With this AIO, the absorbent insert is built into the diaper, meaning there is no need to stuff a pocket with an insert. It features easy snap rises that will help you to resize the diaper as your baby grows. It will also dry quickly when air dried.

The Bum Genius AIO features a leak-proof outer shell with a butterfly closure that has a patent pending, and stretches for a custom fit for your little one.

This is a one-step system that bypasses the insert stage of cloth diapering. However, you may find that, as your baby grows, you may have to add a doubler for extra absorbency. This is a common practice for a lot of people who choose to cloth diaper because it helps prevent against leaks as your child grows and wets more heavily.

The interior features a soft microfiber terry fabric that works to wick away any moisture and bacteria from your child’s skin. The legs are elastic to maintain fit and also prevent leaks and diaper rash. This is rated one of the best cloth diapers on Amazon because they are very easy to use.

3. Thirsties All-In-One Cloth Diaper

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Built in the USA, the Thirsties all-in-one diaper is ideal for parents with newborns, and offers a trim fit that is easy-to-use. With Thirsties, you have the option to choose a snap or hook and loop closures.

One of my favorite things with this AIO is the snap-down feature for the umbilical cord. This feature is designed to let you lower the front middle section of the diaper to prevent damaging or knocking off the umbilical cord too soon.

These diapers do adjust, to a degree, but do not grow with baby. You can only use them between 5 and 14 pounds, but they serve as the perfect diaper to use when you are just getting accustomed to having a new family member, and incorporating life with cloth diapers into your schedule.

The Thirsties AIO feature a one-step system of diapering your baby and making changes. The interior comes with four different layers of absorbent material, including a terry fiber, microfleece liner, and a waterproof exterior. This makes this diaper both super soft and super practical for your newborn.

This multi-layered interior system is said to absorb as much as seven times its weight in liquid and waste materials, so your baby stays dry as long as possible.

A soaker is built into the diaper to provide even more absorbency. Even with all of that, this diaper may be among the fastest drying cloth diapers on Amazon, a key feature parents are looking for when making the decisions to use cloth diapers.

4. OsoCozy Prefolds Flat Unbleached Cloth Diapers

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This diaper is the kind that takes you back to your grandmother’s days of diapering, with modern conveniences that will make cloth diapering a cinch without the pinch of pins. These are one of the best-selling cloth diapers on Amazon because they are oh-so cozy, and perfect for newborns up to 15 pounds.

These pre-fold flat diapers measure 12” by 16” before the first wash, and can shrink as much as 10 percent, but will still fit snug on your newborn. Even after multiple washings, these are still called the most durable and absorbent natural diapers for babies.

They are also considered to be extremely absorbent, with the interior panel containing eight absorbent layers, and an outer panel with four absorbent layers. Use these with a snappi to secure the diaper around your little one, without the need of diaper pins.

Made of 100% unbleached cotton from India, your baby will also enjoy this lint-free diaper that offers superior durability. As with most cloth diapers, you will want to wash them a few times before the first use, in order to prep them to ensure maximum absorbency.

The manufacturer refers to them as having a Diaper Service Quality which means when used and laundered properly, you will get the same quality from these diapers as you would from a laundry service.

Wash once without soap in cold water, then follow with another cycle in hot water with detergent. Finally air dry these pre-folds whenever possible.

Because these are pre-fold diapers, you will want to use these with an outer shell or waterproof cover. After baby outgrows them, they serve as great washing rags or burping blankets, and will retain their softness with every washing.

pre-fold cloth diapers from Amazon with snappie, laying next to baby.

5. Charlie Banana Two-in-One Fleece Cloth Diapers

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The Charlie Banana system is a hybrid diaper that falls in the two-in-one cloth diaper category, which are among the easiest cloth diapers to use for new parents. They come in packages of six that include 12 inserts that will help to keep your baby dry.

These are a one-size, two-in-one cloth diaper that include an interior pocket for a disposable or reusable insert offering parents and baby the driest possible diapering experience.

For overnight diapering, many parents choose to include two inserts, and there is room in this diaper for that.

The adjustable size of these diapers will help your baby to move through their diapering stages in the same diaper, saving you significant diapering costs up to 35 pounds.

The material on these two-in-one cloth diapers is a polyurethan laminate (PUL) to create an exterior layer that is waterproof, while the interior microfleece stays dry and soft on baby’s skin as long as possible.

The inserts this diaper comes with are four-ply microfiber inserts, with longer ones for overnight use. The front panel allows you to tuck pads in for heavier stretches when travelling or leaving baby with a babysitter or family member when you head out to work or for a special occasion.

6. Alva Baby Pocket Adjustable Cloth Diaper

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If you are looking to find one of the most functional and affordable cloth diapers on Amazon, you can’t overlook this one. The Alva Baby Pocket adjustable cloth diaper is a diaper that will last with your baby from 6 to 33 pounds.

This diaper is 15” by 13” in length and designed to last.  It is a one-size waterproof solution with multiple waterproof features that offer both absorbency and breathability. It also features a double rise with snaps for adjustability and fitted legs to prevent leaks.

This is a soft and comfortable cloth diaper that ranks as one of the best cloth diapers on Amazon due to its many unique features that will make diapering a breeze.

The Alva Baby Pocket Adjustable Cloth Diaper is made from flannel and will dry quickly by air drying after a wash. This is the most conventional way to dry cloth diapers, to preserve their size and strength with time. When washing, be sure that you wash the diapers and inserts separately.

The inserts do not need to be air dried as frequently as the cloth diapers, but that is your own personal preference. The inserts that come with the diaper are also a soft microfiber material that will help to keep baby dry. I do recommend adding an extra insert as your baby grows to help reduce leaking as your baby begins to wet more heavily.


When you are considering cloth diapers, you want a product that is going to be affordable, easy to use, and safe for your baby. The best cloth diapers on Amazon are called the best cloth diapers on Amazon because parents love them for all of the reasons we mentioned and more.

When you make the investment, purchase a few different kinds until you find the ones that work best for your family. Look at the return policies of every cloth diaper you are considering, as many of the best cloth diapers on Amazon have excellent return policies that will help you to make your decisions.

Save a little bit in your diaper budget until after baby is born. Within the first few weeks of being at home, make a larger investment and get the ones that you like the most that will make life easiest for you, and your baby.

When you invest in cloth diapers today, that “good feeling” that you have is telling you that you are making the right decision.

Are any of these among your favorites? If so, tell us what you love about them in the comments below.

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