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How To Make Cloth Wipes: DIY Guide

If you already use cloth diapers, cloth wipes would be the next best step. Not only are they reusable, but they are also gentle on a baby’s delicate skin. Cloth wipes contain no chemicals; you can wash them with your cloth diapers.

In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to make cloth wipes. 

We will cover the necessary materials, sewing techniques, and helpful tips to ensure your cloth wipes are durable and effective.

make cloth wipes

Materials Needed

1. Fabric:

  • Flannel – soft and absorbent fabric
  • Terry cloth – highly absorbent and durable
  • Cotton jersey knit – stretchy and gentle on the skin

2. Scissors – sharp fabric scissors for cutting the fabric into the desired shape and size

3. Sewing machine – a reliable machine for sewing the fabric together

4. Thread – a high-quality thread that matches the fabric color

5. Cutting tools – rotary cutter, cutting mat, and ruler for precise cuts

6. Marking tools – fabric pen, chalk, or disappearing ink marker for marking fabric

7. Iron and ironing board – for pressing the fabric before and after sewing

8. Seam ripper – for removing stitches if needed

9. Optional: serger – for a professional and durable finish on the edges of the cloth wipes.

Step-by-Step Guide

A. Cut fabric into the desired size: Measure and cut the fabric into the desired size for your cloth wipes. Common sizes are 7×7 inches or 8×8 inches.

B. Fold fabric in half, right sides together: Fold the fabric in half, ensuring the right sides of the fabric face each other.

C. Sew around the edges, leaving a small gap for turning: Sew around the edges of the fabric, leaving a small gap of about 2 inches for turning the fabric right side out.

D. Turn the right side out and sew the gap closed: Turn the fabric right side out through the gap that was left. Use a chopstick or similar object to push out the corners of the cloth wipe. Sew the gap closed using a ladder stitch or a topstitch.

E. Repeat steps A to E for the desired number of cloth wipes. Wash and dry the wipes before use.

Washing and Caring for Cloth Diaper Wipes

  •  Pre-wash the wipes before use: Wash the cloth wipes at least once before use to remove any manufacturing residues and ensure they are clean.
  •  Use a mild detergent: Avoid fabric softeners, bleach, or any harsh chemicals that can damage the fabric and reduce absorbency. Instead, use a mild detergent that is free of fragrances and dyes.
  • Wash in hot water: Wash the cloth wipes in hot water to remove any bacteria and stains. If you are concerned about shrinkage, wash in warm water instead.
  • Dry the wipes: Dry the cloth wipes in the dryer or line dry them. Avoid fabric softener sheets, as they can leave a residue on the fabric.

Storing Cloth Diaper Wipes

  • Use a wet bag: A wet bag is a waterproof and reusable bag designed to store wet and soiled cloth diaper wipes. It is convenient for storing cloth wipes while traveling or when you’re out and about.
  • Store in a clean container: Store the cloth wipes in a clean container with a lid. The container should be kept in a dry, cool area away from direct sunlight.

How to Make Cloth Diaper Wipes FAQ

How many cloth wipes do I need?

The number of cloth wipes you need depends on how frequently you change your baby’s diaper. A good rule of thumb is having at least 20-30 cloth wipes.

Can I make cloth wipes without a sewing machine?

You can make cloth wipes by hand using a needle, thread, or fabric glue.

How do I dry cloth wipes?

You can either line-dry the cloth wipes or tumble-dry them on low heat.

How do I store cloth wipes?

Store the cloth wipes in a dry, clean container with a lid or wet bag.

Following this guide’s steps, you can create soft, absorbent, and durable cloth wipes that will last for years. Not only are cloth wipes cheaper and reusable, but they are a healthier choice as they are free of harmful chemicals and fragrances often found in disposable wipes.