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A Comprehensive Guide to Kanga Care Rumparooz Cloth Diapers and Accessories

Managing a baby’s waste is every mother’s concern. No parent wants to deal with messy kids’ outfits, smelly rooms, and a dirty environment, at least not with baby waste. Cloth diapers are a great choice when it comes to diapering. They are convenient and simple to use. They are soft on baby’s skin, hypoallergenic, and save on money. Furthermore, the diapers are reusable, helping preserve a clean and healthy environment. Indeed, your child’s siblings could utilize the diapers in future.

Kanga Care has this in mind and produces diapers for every baby, big or small. You can choose from various diapers, colors, and prints to suit your preferences. Luckily, there are other diaper accessories, including wet bags and changing pads when you shop.

Fun colors and fashionable prints, all products featured here are available in various colors and patterns for your preference.

Below are some of the great choices of cloth diapers and accessories

Kanga Care cloth diapers

1. Kanga Care Rumparooz Reusable One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper

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Kanga Care strives to provide your baby with the highest quality diapers. The Rumparooz Reusable One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper is an excellent choice pocket diaper system that grows with your child. There are four size settings in one diaper for babies weighing 6-40+lbs. You can use one size for your newborn until you begin potty training.

Benefits of the Kanga care Rumparooz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper

Leak-free- The company makes the Rumparooz Cloth Diapers with patented double inner gusset technology for maximum leak protection. Furthermore, six absorbency settings allow you to adjust to your baby’s needs, thus preventing leakages.

Hypoallergenic- The diapers are made of chemical-free material to prevent rashes on your baby’s sensitive skin.

High-quality- Rumparooz Diapers are made from high-durable polyester material to offer diapering services until your baby outgrows. In addition, the diapers are soft on the baby’s skin.

Multiple colors and prints- the Rumparooz Reusable One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper is made in 16 fantastic colors and fashionable patterns for your outfit matching.

Reusable- the Rumparooz Cloth Diaper is washable; hence you need not throw it away after first use. Reusing saves you money as well as maintains a clean and healthy environment.

2. Kanga Care Lil Joey Newborn All in One AIO Cloth Diaper

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The Kanga Care Lil Joey Cloth Diaper is a newborn diaper intended to fit babies weighing 4-12lbs. It is an All-in-One diaper, hence the most straightforward cloth diaper system on the market. The Lil Joey has four microfiber absorbent layers and a soft micro chamois inner to keep babies’ skin fresh and clean.

Features of Lil Joey Newborn All in One AIO Cloth Diaper

A snap-down front- The company designs the Lil Joey Cloth Diaper with a unique snap-down forward-facing for optimal cord protection. You will not worry about the diaper interfering with the cord in those first days after birth.

Leak protection- this All-in-One diaper is made with patented dual gusset technology to prevent leaks. The company stacks in four internal soak layers for maximum absorption. In addition, the outer covering is a waterproof polyester material that does not need diaper covers.

Fun colors and fashionable prints- these diapers are available in various colors and patterns for your preference.

Easy to use- the Lil Joey diapers don’t require stuffing every time, as the diaper has everything sewn in. Kang Care also makes diapers with a soft material free of allergic reactions on your baby’s skin.

3. Kanga Care Bamboo Prefold Cloth Diapers

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Bamboo Prefold Diapers are made by blending organic cotton and bamboo fabric. These Size 3 Prefold Diapers can fit babies weighing 12-15lbs with maximum comfort and no skin irritation. With the Prefold Diapers, you will require snappies to hold the prefolds in position and waterproof diaper covers to prevent leaks.

Benefits of Bamboo Prefold Cloth Diapers

Super soft- The Prefold Diapers are 70% viscose of Bamboo Rayon and 30% Cotton. This blend makes them super soft and gentle on your baby’s skin. Furthermore, the material has superior absorbency, thus keeping your baby dry for longer.

Different sizes- The Prefold Diapers come in four sizes for perfect fitting and optimal function. The sizes are size 1 for newborns weighing 4-10lbs, size 2 for infants weighing 7-17lbs, and size 3 for babies weighing 12-25lbs. While the largest, size 4, fits toddlers who are 15-30lbs.

Eco-friendly- The Prefold Diapers are reusable, helping keep the environment clean. In addition, the organic materials, after extended use, can decompose quickly.

4. Kanga Care Lil Learnerz Reusable Swim and Toilet Training

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Lil Learnez Reusable Swim and Toilet Training pants are perfect for young ones ready for potty training. These diapers look like adult pants; hence easy to pull up and down.

Benefits of the Lil Learnerz Reusable Swim and Toilet Training

IMWET technology©- The technology allows your toddler to feel wet when they accidentally mess up. Therefore, the young ones learn how their body feels when damp or dry to aid in toilet/potty training.

Hypoallergenic and soft- The diapers are made of organic material that prevents rashes on your baby’s skin. They are also very smooth on the toddler’s skin.

Leak-proof- The diapers have a super absorbent dual-layer plus a waterproof outer layer to prevent leakage on your toddler’s outfits.

Different sizes- There are sizes to fit your toddlers, from early to late learners. In addition, the extra small and small sizes are equipped with side snappers to make changing fun for the babies.

5. Kanga Care 3D Dimensional Seam Sealed Wet Bag

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The Wet Bags are made to make storing dirty diapers easier on the go. This small, portable diaper bag has a 3D shape, creating room for about 15 cloth diapers and inserts.

Benefits of the 3D Dimensional Seam Sealed Wet Bag

Heavy-duty, matching zipper-Each Wet Bag has an easy-to-use zipper color matched to the bag. The zipper on the front allows you to open the top like a lid for easy access.

Multipurpose bags- You can use the Wet Bag for wet or dry storage of cloth diapers, to organize toys, as a small travel bag, and so much more.

Waterproof barrier and seam sealing- the bag is made of 100% Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) outer layer to contain all the wetness. Additionally, the Barrier Seam Sealing technology helps prevent leaks from the seams.

Elite 3D design –The excellent design gives the wet bag volume for easy access and more storage.

Reusable – the wet bags are washable, allowing you to use them for extended periods. Using wet bags continually reduces waste, thus making it more environmentally friendly.

6. Kanga Care Reusable Absorbent & Waterproof Changing Pad

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The Changing Pad is one must diaper accessory for every mother. Be it the changing station, car, diaper bag, living room, and any surface you need to protect from accidents and moisture. It is big enough to cover the surface for changing your newborn or toddler.

Benefits of Reusable Absorbent & Waterproof Changing Pad

Waterproof protection- The changing pad offers a protective surface with three significant layers. It has an outer waterproof TPU layer in different colors and prints, an inner absorbent microfiber layer, and a hypoallergenic micro chamois top layer.

Portable- The Changing Pad easily folds and fits in your diaper bags or ordinary bags; hence you can have it anywhere you need it. Interestingly, it is thick enough to make the surfaces more comfortable for the baby. And what more! It comes out without creases as you spread it again.

Reusable- The Waterproof Changing Pad is super convenient to wipe out or wash clean. Furthermore, the Changing Pad is highly durable, so you can comfortably use it as many times as possible.

Multiple uses- The changing pad can be used for more than changing the baby’s diapers. You can use it on the shoulders to prevent messy burps and protect the sheets from leaks and any surface that needs waterproof protection.

The Bottom line

Cloth diapers are an excellent way to keep your baby dry, free from irritation, and healthy. Using disposable diapers may be appealing, but you add hundreds of used diapers to the landfill. Moreover, the diapers utilize leakproof technology that is great at keeping mess. Also, they are easy to clean and dry fast. Furthermore, you save money using reusable diapers, as they are reusable the child’s siblings can use them in future. Make Kanga care your trusted partner for diapers and accessories.