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The 7 Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns

Cloth diapers have been making a huge comeback in recent years. It might sound off that something from our grandparent’s days are making such a huge return when disposables are available. But there are many benefits to cloth diapering that a lot of new parents are considering when making diaper decisions for their babies.

Cloth diapers have reemerged as a favorite choice among parents for many reasons. And cloth diapers have many advantages over their disposable counterparts. They’re more cost-effective, they’re better for the environment, and they reduce the number of rashes your baby will experience in her life.

There are many great brands of cloth diapers on the market right now that it can be hard to choose which brands are best for you and your little one. Especially when you are looking for the best cloth diapers for newborns. With so many options to choose from, you can quickly get overwhelmed.

If you are an expectant parent, it is important to take the extra time to find a few newborn options for your little one for many reasons, from sizing, to added features, to ease. We’ll walk you thought the best choices in cloth diapers for newborns, and what sets them apart from the rest for your brand new bundle of joy.

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The Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns

For the most part, cloth diapers will work for your baby from around 8lbs to 30+lbs. This means that once you have purchased your diapers, they should be the only diapers you need, saving you tons of money down the road. However, what happens when your baby is first born and your diaper stash doesn’t fit this brand new bundle of joy? There is a simple solution: add in a few diapers especially designed for newborns.

Many of the cloth diapers for newborns out there will work for your baby from 5lbs – 12-15lbs, meaning you will easily get two or three months use before your baby outgrows them; and in some instances, you may get to enjoy these diapers a little longer, if your baby is a slow grower, like my youngest was.

Many cloth diapers for newborns have additional features that other cloth diapers don’t have. For example, certain brands will have a snap down feature designed to protect the umbilical cord from rubbing, while others will have a trimmer fit which is perfect for smaller babies.

You will also find more diapers with hook and loop closures (velcro) at this stage than diapers designed for older babies. The hook and loop closure makes changing your newborn’s diapers very easy.

Many newborn diapers also come with double gussets, which is especially helpful at containing breastfed newborn baby poop.

It all comes down to taking the time to find the ones you like the best. We’ve made it a little easier for you by compiling a list of some of the best cloth diapers for newborns.

1. Thirsties Newborn All In One

Thirsties Newborn All in One is one of the best cloth diapers for newborns out there. It has many of the features you hope to find in a diaper for your new little squishy baby. This all in one diaper features 4 total layers of absorbent microfiber terry, a microfleece liner, and a waterproof exterior. There is no need to stuff this diaper, making changes very easy.

Designed to fit babies from 5-14lbs, this diaper comes with two closure options – hook and loop closure, or snap closure. The snap closure style features an umbilical cord snap down. Both styles feature an adjustable rise, so it will fit any sized baby within the weight range.

This AIO features a trim fit with gentle elastic banding around the legs designed not to irritate your newborn’s legs. And the wicking material is designed to keep your baby dry and rash free.

Thirsties is also one of the most affordable cloth diapers for newborns on the market, coming in at under $20, which will be great for your budget as you build your diaper stash. And it is also available in a variety of cute prints, patterns, and colors.

hook and loop cloth diapers for newborns

2. GroVia Newborn All In One

Designed specifically for newborn babies, this AIO diaper has some amazing features that will make diapering your new baby a breeze. This diaper features a trim fit and is designed to fit babies from 5-12lbs.

The GroVia AIO has an hourglass shaped internal soaker with 2 layers of hemp and cotton that is then topped with microfleece. It also features a sewn-in outer soaker with three layers of hemp and cotton also topped with microfleece for maximum wicking and absorbency.

Like the Thirsties cloth diapers for newborns, the GroVia one won’t break the bank and is very economical, coming in at less than $20 as well.

3. Charlie Banana Newborn Reusable Cloth Diaper with Fleece

There used to be a time when you had to special-order your cloth diapers because no stores regularly sold them. However, cloth diapers have made a comeback, and now you can buy them at big box stores throughout the country. The Charlie Banana brand regularly pops up in chain stores like Target, Kohls, and Walmart.

And the Charlie Banana brand offers cloth diapers for newborns. Their newborn diapers come in a pack of three and are available in two different bundle color options. Charlie Banana diapers can be used as a pocket diaper, or hybrid with disposable liners. With this newborn bundle you will get 3 reusable waterproof diapers and three reusable inserts.

These diapers feature a super soft fluffy fleece lining designed to wick moisture away and keep baby dry and fit babies from 5-10lbs, making it the perfect fit for smaller babies.

The three pack comes in under $55, meaning you are coming in at under $20 per diaper.

4. Blueberry Organic Newborn Simplex

The Blueberry Newborn Simplex is an all-in-one (AIO) cloth diaper that really does make diapering a breeze. It has the umbilical cord snap down feature to protect your baby’s belly button from unnecessary rubbing. And it is available in 17 different prints.

Complete with a waterproof outer shell, it is made of 100% cotton twill fabric designed for maximum absorbency. It has pocket opening on each end so you can add extra layers of absorbency as your baby grows. And this diaper boasts a fit from 6lbs to 16lbs for most babies. meaning your baby will be able to wear it longer than most cloth diapers for newborns.

Blueberry is known for their quality and durability, so you won’t be disappointed if you add this diaper into your stash. And this diaper comes in at right around $20, but since it fits up to 16lbs, this diaper will definitely be money well spent no matter how you look at it.

5. OsoCozy Pre-folds

If you are looking for a cost effective cloth diapers, you really have to consider pre-folds. Pre-folds are both economical and functional. And they are also one of the most absorbent options for newborns.

One thing that makes pre-folds so great is that they can be used with just about any diaper cover or shell, and can be fastened quickly and easily with Snappi diaper fasteners .

OsoCozy Size 1 Pre-folds are designed for babies from 7lbs to 15lbs. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop using these pre-folds once your baby outgrows them. Once your little one has surpassed the weight of these size 1 pre-folds, you can use these, as tri-folds, for an added layer of absorbency with most cloth diaper covers, meaning you can get the optimal use out of these diapers.

Pre-folds do require a diaper cover to use the, but you can use just about any newborn sized cover with these diapers.

A 6-pack of these pre-fold diapers will cost you less than $15, making them extremely budget-friendly.

pre-fold diaper with snappi closure

6. Kanga Care Lil Joeys

If you have a preemie, then you will definitely want to check out Lil Joeys. These adorable little diapers fit babies as small as 4lbs, and go up to 12lbs, and have the snap down umbilical cord feature.

These cloth diapers for newborns are available in 2-packs and are available in over 30 different color/print options. They feature a dual inner gusset to prevent leaks from your tiny little one, and offer 4 layers of absorbency. As your baby grows, however, you may find you need to add an extra layer of absorbency or change them after each urination.

Since these are AIOs, with sewn in absorbency, there is no stuffing required to use these diapers. Just snap them on and go.

A 2-pack of Lil Joeys will cost you right around $30, making these diapers very economical and budget friendly.

7. The Pampers Pure Hybrid Starter Kit

If you are still on the fence about cloth diapering, this starter kit may be the best option for you.

What makes the Pampers Pure Hybrid Starter Kit stand out is that it is designed with new parents in mind, especially those who are looking to try cloth diapers, but aren’t sure they are ready to fully invest in them.

When it comes to being the parent of a newborn, you want to take every advantage that comes your way. If this is your first time dealing with diapers, the Pampers Pure Hybrid Starter Kit can help you get your bearings.

This kit comes with three reusable cloth diaper covers as well as 25 disposable absorbent inserts. These reusable diapers are made out of high-quality materials and can easily stand up to regular use and washing. 

This is a great option for parents who are still figuring out whether or not they want to go with the reusable cloth diaper route. If that wasn’t enough, this kit is relatively budget-friendly when you consider the potential expenses of cloth diapers.

Cloth Diapers


With cloth diapers on the rise again, it is becoming one of the best options for diapering you newborn baby. From pre-folds and fitteds, to AIOs and hybrids, there are so many options out there for you to choose from. It may seem overwhelming in the beginning, but once you have gotten to try a few different options, you’ll be able to figure out which style you like best.

These cloth diapers for newborns are just some of the top options available for your new little bundle of joy. We hope this list has given you some peace of mind when making your diapering decisions.

If you have tried any of these, share with us in the comments. Or if you have any questions about these, or other diapers you have seen, don’t hesitate to ask. We are always here to answer your questions.

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