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The Best Baby Jumpers

For the past century, tired parents used jumpers to keep fussy babies entertained when they need two hands. It was a Canadian woman who first invented the jumper in 1910. We can assume the invention came out of a desire to just get her laundry done. Not until the 1950s did manufacturers start commercially producing baby jumpers. And to this day, grandmothers & moms worldwide swear by them. The original jumper hung from a doorway and as legend has it, was constructed from an axe handle and a spring provided by the town blacksmith.  

Best Baby Jumpers

Luckily, technology has improved, but the premise is the same. Keep active babies safe and happy, but parents don’t have to hold them. A more in-depth discussion of the three categories of jumper comes later. For now, the three kinds are:

  • doorway (the original)
  • stationary
  • stationary suspended 

There are pros and cons to each one, and some families may find that they need more than one jumper to meet their needs. 

When to Buy a Baby Jumper

Jumpers require a baby able to hold their head up by themselves. For safety, most age recommendations suggest waiting until babies are 6-12 months old. Some parents might fight that babies as young as four months are ready for a jumper. They are optimal for the period when a baby can hold their head up, but before they weigh over 25 lbs. All jumpers are adjustable, so growing babies can keep using them until they’re walking.

The first time you place a baby in a jumper, the baby might be confused or dislike it. Alternatively, some babies will take to the independence right away. For nervous kids, keep trying, as babies get used to the freedom of movement they may end up loving the jumper after two or three tries. 

Sitting in a jumper is the first time that babies are experiencing upright movement on their own. They can still see parents or family members, but get to move independently.   

Most parents are relieved when their babies start to enjoy the jumper. For the first time, they have two hands-free to take care of household chores. Cooking dinner, doing laundry, or taking a shower are easier when you set a jumper up in any room of the house. Happy babies play and work on developmental milestones while parents get chores done. 

How Baby Jumpers Benefit to Babies

Baby in a Jumper

As babies kick and push against the floor, they develop leg muscles. When they hang or jump they are working on pre-motor skills such as balancing & standing. In order to give babies those benefits, the jumper needs to be set at the correct height. Parents may feel inclined to keep the jumper set higher to keep babies safely suspended. Instead, set the jumper so that the baby can press their entire foot against the floor. Using the whole foot, babies develop good habits that will make learning to walk easier.  

Keep in mind, moderation is important with a jumper. Babies shouldn’t spend over 15 minutes a day in them. If jumper time is scheduled right before bedtime, some parents find that it’s easier to get their baby to sleep. Activity and exercise at the start of a bedtime routine may help babies to fall asleep better. 

Parental Benefits from Using a Baby Jumper

There is concern among parents that jumpers can be detrimental to the development of their baby. These concerns come from the positioning of babies in any kind of hanging or seated apparatus. Like so many aspects of parenting, there are also real benefits despite those concerns. By using jumpers in moderation, even concerned parents can use jumpers in good conscience. Imagine having 10-15 minutes to take a shower or go to the bathroom while your baby is safe and happy. 

Parents with colicky or fussy babies know how hard it is to put them down for even a minute. Jumper time for a difficult baby gives parents a few minutes to take care of themselves, other kids, or the household. 

Remember, baby jumpers have been around for a very long time. Their long history is because they are beneficial for both parents and babies. Just try to balance time in a jumper with tummy time. While jumpers help babies legs and pre motor skills upright, tummy time helps babies develop their core muscles. Time spent in both will give a baby time to develop proper alignment and balance. 

How to Pick the Best Baby Jumper

Shopping parents should decide when and where they plan on using the baby jumper. When asking for guidance, friends and family might swear by a certain model. But they may use theirs it in different contexts than your family. 

  • Is it to give them a few minutes with hands-free? 
  • Does it need to move easily from room to room? 
  • Is it for multiple children in a home & needs to be durable for years?
  • Will the jumper travel with the baby, or is it just for at home?

Cost is another consideration when shopping. Baby jumpers are available at a wide range of price points. Varying prices reflect the difference in amenities that come built into the jumper. Models range from the most basic to ones with electronic smart toys. A family might find that they need more than one jumper to meet their needs. 

Stationary jumpers with lots of toys and activities are great for engaging and stimulating babies. But they are hard to move from room to room. Alternatively, doorway jumpers rarely come with toys or activities. But they are lightweight and install in a few moments. 

The next section discusses in-depth the basic kinds of baby jumpers and some of the most popular models. They all have pros and cons, and ultimately the best baby jumper is just the one that works best for you & your baby.  

The Best Doorway Baby Jumpers

These are generally a lower price point than the stationary jumper models. The smaller price tag is because they are more paired down, with few or no toy attachments. They are easier to transport, more lightweight and easy to set up. Any adult can set up a doorway jumper in just a few moments by clamping them onto a door jamb. Following are three of the most highly rated doorway jumpers:

Bright Starts Taggies Door Jumper

Purchase on Amazon

  • Jump into playtime wherever you go
  • Taggies give baby extrasensory entertainment
  • Clamp and go – no tools required!
  • Fits securely to most doorways
  • Lightweight frame is easy to store and transport

The first of our best baby jumpers, the Bright Starts Taggies Door Jumper looks a little different from others because the harness is spacious and deep. Babies also aren’t strapped in, so they have plenty of room to move around and explore.

Since there’s no buckle-in feature to struggle with, parents with super squirmy babies will have an easier time getting their kids in and out. Consider though that some babies may not feel secure in the bigger harness.

The “Taggies” are silk tags surrounding the edge of the harness for exploring hands to find & pull. Bright Starts compares them to having a security blanket. For very active and curious babies, the “Taggies” may not be enough stimulation to keep them engaged.   

Bright Starts Bounce ‘N Spring

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  • Sturdy door frame clamp provides a secure fit into doorways.
  • Baby jumper is easily transports from room to room so that your baby can play anywhere
  • Seat pad is machine washable or wiped clean to save you time

The Bright Starts Bounce ‘n Spring Deluxe Door Jumper provides hours of bouncing fun for baby. The 4 playtime toys including a plush zebra and giraffe, tethers, and mirror, will entertain while baby jumps. The straps are adjustable for use as baby grows, and the soft prop pillow provides extra support for smaller babies

The Playful Parade Door Jumper has a recommended at of 6+ months also has a maximum weight of 26 pounds.

Jolly Jumper Exerciser

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  • Doorway jumper features sturdy bounce spring with hidden safety cord for nonstop little leg action and jumping joy
  • Keep doorways mark free with our no-mark clamp because fun should be the only lasting impression
  • Baby jumper easily transports from room to room so that your baby can play anywhere you need to be
  • Seat pad is easily machine washable, or wiped clean, to save you time
  • Non-twist straps allow quick, easy in and out so you can move baby quickly from room to room

One cool fact about this Jolly Jumper is that they are the original manufacturer of the baby jumper, not to mention still one of the best baby jumpers on the market. That means they’ve been making this product commercially since 1948.

It is more austere and bare-bones than some other jumper models on this list. For example, the aesthetic is metal hanging mechanisms and black fabric. Not colorful plastic and nylon. Also, there are no soft coverings that leave spring work exposed, but metal parts are well out of reach of small fingers.

The harness for babies is higher and more secure than other models––and it can spin 360º so babies can explore all around them. This model is a nice option for parents without door jambs or interior doorways in their homes. The manufacturer also sells a stand for this jumper, for use in any room. 

The Best Stationary Baby Jumpers

These are jumpers without suspension from a structure. They don’t have springs or elastic cords. Instead, the babies sit in harness in a platform and bounce their legs against the floor or a bouncing pad. Typically, they have more toys, music, and interactive noise than doorway jumpers. Because of their design, stationary jumpers don’t allow the same bouncing as suspended jumpers. The last feature to consider, pricing for stationary jumpers falls mid way between doorway jumpers and stationary suspended jumpers  

Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby

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  • Unique bounce pad
  • 3 height adjustable positions grow with baby
  • Seat spins 360 Degree for full access to toys link loop for attaching additional toys
  • Fabric Care Instruction Seat pad is machine washable and wipe clean for toy or frame

Covered in interactive toys, this jumper is a brightly colored jungle adventure for babies. It also has a specially designed bounce pad that gives babies a bungee experience when then press their feet against it. Inside the jumper, the harness spins a full 360º.

With toys surrounding them and a spinning seat, babies will stay active and engaged.

It’s worth noting that this model, unlike many, doesn’t require batteries to run. It also doesn’t have removable toys. One last feature of note, the platform has three height settings to accommodate growing babies.  

Summer Infant Pop ‘N Jump Activity Center

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  • Lightweight folding frame unfolds in seconds, and features 3-levels of height adjustment
  • Jumping support seat can be easily removed and machine washed
  • Toys include spinner ball, rattle, teether and mirror book.
  • UV canopy protects baby from the suns harmful rays. Will Not Rust, Crack, Or Break.
  • Compact travel bag with shoulder strap makes Pop N Jump perfect for use anywhere around the home, or on the go

For parents without the time or skills for assembly, the summer Infant Pop N Jump baby jumper is a great model. It’s also lightweight and has a carry bag to make transport easy.

Combine easy transportation with the UV shade this comes with and it’s a great model for playtime in the park, backyard, or for beach-days.

The platform has some classic baby toys, like a rattle and teether. And, it attaches to the seat with covered springs, so babies can practice jumps in this stationary jumper. 

The Best Stationary Suspended Baby Jumpers

These jumpers are stationary on the floor but are similar to doorway jumpers. Babies sit in a seat that hangs down from the structure. Babies are suspended in the air but this kind of jumper doesn’t require a door frame for installation.

Of all three kinds of baby jumpers, they are the largest. Given their size, they also offer many more interactive features, toys, and sounds. In small apartments or while traveling, stationary suspended jumpers aren’t practical. However for nurseries, playrooms, and family rooms they are a great option. 

Fisher Price Jumperoo

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  • Seat spins for 360 degrees of play!
  • Music, lights, and sounds reward and encourage every bounce
  • Easily adjusts to 3 different heights as your baby grows
  • Colorful toys include a light-up chameleon, bat-at panda & elephant, lion slider, alligator flipper, froggy teether, beaded giraffe, and more! Plus, 2 take-along toys!
  • Removable, machine-washable seat pad

The Jumperoo has three different themes parents can choose from, but they are all made of brightly colored plastic and nylon suspended on a sturdy steel frame. The themes include Pink Petal, Roarin’ Rainforest, and Musical Friends. Each theme is made from different colors and has different toys and features.

Every bounce and movement from a baby causes music and sound effects from the jumper. This model also folds down for storage, so parents don’t have to worry about devoting floor space to it after playtime. 

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper

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  • Captivates & cultivates your baby’s curiosity. The toys and frame can be wiped clean
  • Seat swivels 360 degrees so baby can choose activities
  • 5 height settings grow with baby
  • 3 entertaining activity stations & 12+ activities
  • Extra loops can hang baby’s favorite toys

One of the best baby jumpers, the Baby Einstein seat spins in a complete circle, and babies are surrounded by toys and activities.

There are four different models and each features unique activities. However, sounds and music are part of all models with the Neighborhood Symphony jumper focusing on musical instruments and genres.

One of the cool features of this jumper is that the toys are removable, so babies can keep playing with their favorites on the floor. Another difference between this jumper and others is it offers parents four height settings instead of just three. 

Evenflo Jump and Learn

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  • Provides baby with secure learn and play environment
  • 58 fun learning activities for babies
  • Bounce base gives baby a soft landing pad that promotes stability in early development
  • Physical exercise to develop babys neck, back and leg muscles and improve gross motor skills
  • Take with me toys provide for customizable learn and play experience;Gender:Boys, Girls

The last on our list of best baby jumpers, the Evenflo Jump and Learn is certainly not least.

Because it’s constructed from plastic, all parts of this stationary jumper are washable. The base incorporates a jumper pad for babies to push their feet against for muscle development.

Unlike the previous jumpers, there are only two models available. Both models have removable electronic smart toys, so play can keep going after time in the jumper. The Jump and Learn is one of the largest models available. But it offers a lot for its bigger size––there are nearly 20 activities for babies to explore.

Make sure to always keep an eye on your child when they are in a jumper and limit their time in the jumper as well! Check out The Best Twin Baby Shower Invitation Ideas. 

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