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12 Twin Baby Shower Invitations Ideas You Will Love

Having twins is a unique and exciting experience, of course, it can feel very overwhelming when you first find out you’re expecting more than one baby. There is, however, one very fun way to relive the first stages of anxiety – PLANNING YOUR TWIN BABY SHOWER!! It is a great way to take your mind off of the many things to come… in sets of twos. LOL – it’s really a great time to let your family and friends shower you with loving support. The baby shower is a memorable moment for the mother-to-be and it should be special from start to finish.

When planning your twin baby shower you will want to begin with the type of atmosphere you hope to create for your guests. Do you want to have a floral theme, diaper theme, blue and pink theme, or perhaps you want to have a woodland theme? Whatever feeling you decide on for the overall theme, the invitation truly sets the mood for the baby shower. To alleviate some of the stress from planning the perfect twin baby shower invite, we have created a list of 12 Twin Baby Shower Invitations you will love for your twin’s baby shower just for you.

What To Write On Your Twin Baby Shower Invites

A baby shower invitation should include the following:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location (with directions if possible)
  • Co-ed party and if kids are welcomed
  • Theme, if any
  • Food served, if any
  • Where the parents are registered for gifts
  • RSVP information

Send your twin baby shower invitations out 3-4 weeks before the actual baby shower. Any sooner and guests may forget. Any later and they may already be booked up. Trust me they won’t want to miss a TWINS baby shower. They are too good to pass up!

Also, be sure to have a few extra invitations on hand. You will want one to save for the twin’s baby memory book. Plus, you never know when a distant relative will hear the news and need an invite!

Twins Baby Shower Invitation Elephant Design
The Twin Elephant Design Baby Shower Invitations are the perfect option if you are unsure of the gender of the babies. The gray tone and elephants seem to be a big hit these days. They are available in a pack of twenty and even come with envelopes.

Twin Two Peas In A Pod Baby Shower Invitations
This Twin Two Peas In A Pod Baby Shower Invitation is also perfect for the mom who is unsure if she is having boys or girls! The card features a simple design that is sweet and two peas in a pod is such a classic baby theme for twin baby showers.

Here is a fun twins baby shower game in addition to your twins baby shower invite: Peas in a Pod Twins Diaper Raffle Tickets – Twins Baby Shower Game

Custom Calligraphy Twins Baby Shower Invitations
This Custom Calligraphy Twins Baby Shower Invitations sprinkles with a modern design that is still very elegant. The glitter is not actual glitter just a high-end print, so don’t worry about upsetting great-grandma when she opens your invite because the glitter won’t make a mess in her clean kitchen. I am a big font nerd and the font style on this twin baby shower invite makes me want to have another baby shower for my 5 month old twin boys!!

Rustic Boho Watercolor Twin Baby Shower Invitations
The Rustic Boho Watercolor Twin Baby Shower Invitations were designed by a talented mother. The baby shower card doesn’t say if the twins are boys or girls, but in my option, these go well with a set of boys on the way. I can already imagine pine cone centerpeices. Please if you order these invites send us photos of your twin baby shower – I would LOVE to see them!!

Boy And Girl Twins Teddy Bear Baby Shower Invitations
Baby shower invitations for twins boy and girl can be hard to find. The card companies tend to stay more generic for better sales, of course. This Boy And Girl Twins Teddy Bear Baby Shower Invitation is cute and I think you will agree it would be nice to get gifts based on the gender of the twins vs a bunch of neutral colored gifts. Those two teddy bears are adorable!

Twin Boys Baby Shower Invitations With Elephants
This navy blue and gray Chevron Elephant Twins Baby Shower Invitation is perfect if you are expecting twin boys! I love the clean design and how cute is it that the twin elephants have heart-shaped ears?! A great choice for twin boys baby shower invites.

Twin Preemie Baby Shower Invitations
A lot of twin babies are born early. Our boys were born 6 weeks early. In case your twins decide to make an early appearance you can still have the perfect invitation. The Twin Preemie Baby Shower Invitations are ready when you are or should I say when your twins are ready?!

Two Peas in a Pod Twin Boy and Girl Baby Shower Invitations
This Two Peas in a Pod Baby Shower Invitation design are for the mother-to-be who is expecting twin boy and girl babies. This card will surely bring a smile to the recipient’s face and get them excited for your shower!

Twins Born Early Baby Shower Invitations
The Twins Born Early Baby Shower Invitation offers a nice design that gives the mother of preemie babies the chance to celebrate their birth. Having a preemie baby shower could be so sweet because having twins early can bring a lot more emotions to the table. Pouring over the mom of preemie twins can help show how loved each one of them are to their family and friends.

Pink and Blue Baby Shower Invitations
This Pink and Blue Baby Shower Invitation could also help the mother-to-be build up a library full of classic baby books for the new twin babies. Just add a note on the bottom of the invite mentioning the guests to bring their favorite baby book for the boy and girl twins.

Woodland Animals Twin Baby Shower Invitation
The Woodland Animals Twin Baby Shower Invitation goes well with the trending Woodland baby items found everywhere lately. This baby shower invite for twins offers an easy blank line to write Honoring The Smith Twins or Honoring Our Little Boy & Girl Twins – it’s whatever you want to address to your guests. It comes in a pack of 25 cards including the mini book request and diaper raffle cards, too!! It’s a cheap, easy card package for a twin baby shower.

Pink and Grey Elephant Girl Twins Baby Shower Invitation
The Pink and Grey Elephant Girl Twins Baby Shower
offers a timeless design that is embellished with tiny sets of pink and grey polka dots. I love the three little hearts featured with the elephants on the card, too. If you like the design, but are expecting twin boys, this baby shower invite comes in a Blue and Grey Elephant Boy Twins Baby Shower Invitation, as well.

We hope that this list helped you make the difficult decision on which twin baby shower invitations are perfect for your shower!

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