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What is the Function of Cloth Diaper Covers? Everything you need to know

Everything You Need To Know About Cloth Diaper Covers

Have you ever taken care of a newborn baby? What diapers were you using? Disposable or washable diapers?

Well, by the end of this blog, you will have full information about cloth diaper covers. It is an unforgettable experience to have a newborn baby or a sibling. But remember, parenting is one of the hardest jobs in human life. Diapers are essential and must have resources to take care of an infant. For decades now, baby companies have always created disposable diapers for newborns. But the launch of diaper covers and cloth diapers has been life-changing for parents. So, this article breaks down the key functions of cloth diaper covers.

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What is a cloth diaper?

Before knowing the roles of a cloth diaper cover, you need to understand the definition of a cloth diaper. The only difference between normal diapers and cloth diapers is the material. A cloth diaper has the exterior and interior sections. The inner shell of the diaper has microfibers that are sponge-like. Its purpose is to absorb the poop and pee of the baby and improves comfort. Besides, the outer shell of cloth diapers is waterproof to prevent a leak of the child’s ‘business’. Disposable diapers, like the name suggests, discarding takes place after use. But fabric diapers give parents the freedom of recycling by washing them.

The following are the common questions to guide you throughout the blog:

• How do you pick the correct cloth and diaper covers?
• What do you know about sized and one-sized diaper covers?
• What are the main styles of baby diaper covers?
• Which are the best fabrics to use in diaper covers?
• How many washcloth covers do you need?

What is the function of cloth diaper covers?

So, you might ask yourself, do you need a cloth diaper cover? This is a frequent question most parents and guardians ask on diapers. The true answer to this query is that diaper covers come in handy, but it depends on what kind you prefer. Global brands like Amazon have diverse options for you to choose from. The development of these cloth diapers was to maintain the environment. The prime function of nappy covers for babies is to prevent leakage of pee and poop. The exterior part of these covers exists in a water-resistant medium like plastic.

Babies wear the nappy cover on top of the diaper and you only clean it when dirty. After you wipe the baby, you need to put more attention to washing the inner cloth part of the diaper. Another role of diaper covers is to protect the common white inner part of the diaper.

Covers are in different designs and patterns that can be stylish for your baby. Who does not wish for their child to look good in diapers? No one! The availability of many prints of these covers adds a little ‘sauce’ to the dress code of the baby. The type of diapers you use will determine whether to buy a cover or not. For instance, if you are using fabric diapers, a cover is necessary to avoid the outflow of baby waste.

Note- always be keen and observe when the baby pees or poops at all times. The elimination of waste materials especially urine has acid that can harm the skin of the baby. When the baby stays long without wiping them, rashes can occur on the infant’s bottom and genitals.

How do you choose the Right Diaper cover?

When it comes to picking the correct cover for baby diapers, do not settle for one type of design. Try and keep these factors in mind when you are choosing the right cover:

• Identify the cover that matches your budget.

• Do you prefer a natural diaper cover or synthetic?

• Before you buy a cover, consider the age of the baby. Are they playful? Do you know how to tighten the diaper to cover the bottom section?

• Which cover do you need, for daytime or nighttime?

Sized or one-size covers?

Sized and one-size nappy covers are both efficient for use depending on the one you need for a baby. Here are some chief factors to consider when identifying the cover size:

• One-size covers are convenient if you want to save money. These covers are affordable compared to sized nappy covers. So, consider the price tag before buying any of the cover sizes.

• For fabric diapers, one-size covers come in handy, especially for one baby. The only disadvantage is that the one-size types do not last long. Like normal clothes, they wear out within a short period. But sized covers are a good option for many children and last long when in use.

• It will be challenging to use one-size covers on newborn babies unless you invest in wraps. Sized covers can fit a baby at any age.

• Remember, you need to know that newborn infants require frequent diaper changes in a day. As time goes by, the baby also grows. In this case, you will only use the one-size cover within a given time. It is advisable to invest in different sizes to fit the baby as he/she grows.
Styles of baby napkin covers

Wrap (Bummis Super Whisper Wrap)

The wrap models are one of the most popular covers parents use on their babies. The covers come with a snap or Velcro fastening at the front of the diapers. Pins are not necessary for these covers because you can fold and lay them into thirds. The Bummis Super Whisper Wrap has up to two waterproof layers. Between the layers, there is a polyester material that protects rashes on the baby’s skin. It has a Velcro loop and hood closure that exists in more than three sizes. This product is available on Amazon in Newborn (7-10lbs) to XL (40lbs) sizes.

Pros – these wrap covers are easy to adjust because of the hook and loop closure design. Also, the wraps have leg gussets which help the baby to move with ease. Wraps are easy to wash and clean after use.

Cons – wrap covers without fasteners need to have a correct fold to prevent the waste mess of the child. After some time the wrap edges will start to tear hence reducing the use span.

Pull-on covers (Dappi Nylon Pants)

For a pull-on cover, the diaper has to fit on the baby through fastening. The nappies with snappis are a good choice to use a pull-on cover. The Dappi Nylon Pants are available on Amazon in white nylon. The major advantage of this cover is that you can get it for at least $2 each. Affordable right? This pull-on cover makes changing the baby more efficient because it is breathable. But if your little one is jovial and jumpy, it can create a mess on the baby.

The Dappi cover is easy to clean because you can wash it with a machine and hang it outside to dry. Even though it is effortless to polish, the pee or poop can run down the baby’s legs. So, with these covers, you need to be around your baby 24/7 to keep watch on him/her. Different sizes from Newborn (13lbs) to Toddler (30lbs-35lbs) are available.

Fabric used for baby nappy covers

PUL (Bambino Mio Cover):

These covers exist in synthetic fabrics like polyester knits. These nappy covers are easy to clean and waterproof to stop any form of leakage. The Bambino brand is durable hence making it reusable for a very long period. Besides, even without a thorough washing, you can still wipe the baby waste off the covers. PUL covers save time when cleaning because you can wash diapers and the cover at the same time. The key con of this cover is that it is less breathable. This feature can make the baby uncomfortable or cause breathing harm.

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Waterproof nylon (Dappi 100% Nylon):

They are the most affordable nappy covers on Amazon. With the rise in many baby brands, the Dappi Nylon is not common in many households. It is very breathable for babies, waterproof and durable. Also, the nylon covers dry fast after washing. But you have to hang the cover outside for easy drying to prevent water drips in your home.

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Vinyl covers are extinct but Amazon has a variety of BISENKID Covers. These nappy covers are less in the market due to their low durability level. It is not breathable like nylon hence can be irritating to the baby. These covers are quite below the price range of nylon because of the low quality. The low price is the only pro of BISENKID. But they tear quick and do not last.

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Fleece (Charlie Banana Baby 2-in-1):

Fleece is among the most comfortable fabrics. This type of cover is synthetic and very light for the baby to wear. It dries fast, is breathable, and is easy to wash using a machine. The disadvantage is that it absorbs moisture to the outside causing leakage.

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Wool (Organic Merino Wool Cover):

This is the most expensive nappy cover on Amazon. Moms love this wool cover because it is natural and can hold moisture for a long. The elastic nature of the material makes the fit more comfortable. But in the case of cleaning, they need a special kind of washing technique.

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Now that you know the function of a cloth diaper cover, it’s time to decide which is right for you and your baby. If you want to know more about which brands of cloth diapers are our favorites, check out